Uniontown Schools - A Brief History
In 1922, the Uniontown Board of Education voted to replace the two-story frame school built in 1892 and build a new brick schoolhouse. That fall, $70,000 worth of bonds were sold and construction began on eight classrooms, an office, library, gym and unfinished areas. Maple floors and oak woodwork was used throughout. The gym was completed in time for the Class of 1923 to hold graduation exercises in the new school auditorium.
By September 1923, the brick school was completed and ready for the 1923-1924 school term. There were 140 students enrolled in twelve grades. The first superintendent was M.L. Royer and the high school teachers were Lois Royer, Florence Hill and Naomi Wise. William Kump and Mary Johnes taught the grades and Cora Ford was the music teacher.
Uniontown had the only four-year high school in the area and tuition paying students attended from Greensburg, Hartville, Springfield and Greentown.
Growth was slow, but in both 1927 and 1928 another grade level teacher was added. In 1936 and 1937 rooms were completed in the  basement and industrial arts and commercial arts courses were added. By 1940, in addition to the superintendent the teaching staff had increased to ten.
Between 1952 and 1956 ten new classrooms were built behind the old school and later connected by the "tunnel".
Uniontown School remained a twelve-year school until the fall of 1957 when Hartville and Uniontown consolidated to form Lake Local Schools.
There were sixteen students in the last class to graduate from Uniontown School in 1957. There were eleven grade school teachers and eleven high school teachers teaching a total of 615 students.
Between 1958 and 1995 several more additions ere added to the new Uniontown School. As the community grew, Uniontown School changed from an elementary school serving grades K-8 to a grade school housing grades K-3.
In November 1999, the residents of Lake Local School District approved a $26.4 million bond issue that included replacing the "old" Uniontown School building with a large addition, major renovations, and repairs to the new building. Included were improvements and additions at Hartville Elementary School and Lake Elementary School. Improvements and major changes also took place at Lake Middle School and Lake High School, with the construction of the covered walkway connecting the two schools and the Lake Community Complex which house a Media Center for Lake High and Lake Middle School students, a public library, two school dining rooms with a common kitchen, varsity competition gym, a field house, performing arts hall and wellness center.
During the first semester of 2000, five third grade classes, the LD Resource Room, the Guidance and Speech Rooms, Gym, Art and Music classes, the Clinic and Staff Lounge were located in the "old" building.
In January of 2001, the "old brick school" was vacated and the Board of Education gave the UHS Alumni permission to salvage artifacts and build a "historical entrance" in the "new school". The Alumni have also made shelves, clocks, pens, canes, candle holders, chalkboards, etc. and sold these items with the proceeds channeled to benefit future Uniontown students.
In July 2001, as a group of UHS Alumni, present and past students of Uniontown School, townspeople and others gathered, the old red brick school house was knocked down and hauled away. The basement hole was filled and it now our parking lot. The building many remember is only a memory. 
(Information compiled by the UHS Alumni Association)