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Welcome to my blog!  Check here for happenings in room 104.
October 08
Porta Portal Link

Come and play some fun and educational games from school. 

If you are at home, please ask an adult if it is okay for you to be on the internet.

Just click below and choose your game!

Have FUN!

August 17
Welcome Class 2014-15!

All 23 students are ready to begin the new school year in room 104.  Our first day is just around the corner!  Looking forward to seeing everyone Tuesday morning!​

May 21
Student of the Week

Gavin Zacharyj is thinking about summertime fishing.  Especially hoping to catch sunfish at the lake.​

May 21
Biography Presenters/Famous People

Derek Jeter and Booker T. Washington

May 18
Meet These Famous People

Ryan Howard, Tom Brady, Shaquille O'Neal, and Elizabeth Blackwell

Alex Rodriguez, Taylor Swift, and LeBron James

Walt Disney

Marie Curie, Crazy Horse, Albert Einstein, and LeBron James

Benjamin Franklin, Alberto Del Rio, and Madame CJ Walker

Jane Goodall, LeBron James, Beyonce, Lena Blackburne, and Tony Hawk

Princess Di, Barry Bonds, Niall Horan, and Neil Armstrong

May 18
Students of the Week



Students of the Week are already making summer plans!  

Anthony Miller is looking forward to summer fun with his sisters.  Preston Bowman has dreams of Disney World.  Millie Christy is planning to get dirty in her backyard.  Tanya Kotyk is excited to swim in her pool.  Alexis Westfall can't wait to go to Virginia Beach.  Own Pownall says going to Kim Tam and using the diving board is the best!  Gabby Taylor is also looking forward to lots of swimming time.

Celebrating Math Success!  10 MORE Math Box Stars for Tanya Kotyk, Braylon Murphey, Alexis Westfall, Josh Sedmock, Hate Holt, Nick Ebner, Kadin Sommers, Millie Christy, Anthony Miller, Preston Bowman, Evan Brady, and Anna Montgomery!

April 06
Goods and Services for Sale!













March 30
Math Success!

​The following students have earned 10 Math Box Stars representing excellent inedpendent work:  Nicholas Ebner, Anthony Miller, Jaylee Barazacchini, Owen Pownall, Josh Greer, Ella Shelestovich, Grant Oser, Tabi McManaway, Lux Witt, and Mady Kouns!

Climbing to 20 Math Box Stars: Evan Brady, Nate Holt, Kadin Sommers, Josh Sedmock, Alexis Westfall, Tanya Kotek, Anna Montgomery, Preston Bowman, and Millie Christy!  Keep it up!!

March 30
Students of the Week!


 One of these days we will have outdoor recess again!  Anna Montgomery says she has fun chasing boys with friends because the boys really run!  Tabitha Mc Manaway likes to play Cops and Robbers and likes all the excitement of not being "it"!

Josh Greer  was our Student of the week March 10 and he is a fan of Cops and Robbers, too.  He likes to run and chase with kids in our class, says he ususally gets to be a Cop.

Ella Sheletovich was our special student for Mar. 17.  Looking forward to getting back outside after the bad weather Ella likes to be chased, but likes to sit on the bench with friends, too, and take a break from the game.

Unisia Baltazar likes playing outside on the Monkey Bars, expecially going backwards.

March 30
Students of the Week!


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