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April 10
Mackenzie, Robert, and Owen 4/10/2014


Today I learned that tornadoes can come in the springtime! People plant trees in the spring time too. Yesterday I drew a picture of a police uniform on my person because that's what I want to be when I grow up! 


Today we learned about spring. We went outside and used to our 5 senses to explore nature. When I was outside I heard trucks going by and birds. I could feel wind and the ground. My favorite book so far in the book tournament has been Dinosaurs Love Underpants!


I like school because its fun. Centers are a lot fun! My favorite center is the art center. Last time we made planes out of sticks and clips. This week we are going to bikes out of pipe cleaners. I made 3D shapes out of marshmallows and toothpicks. I made a cube and a cone! Yesterday I drew a nurse on my little person because that is what I want to be when I grow up!

April 08
Luke, Daniel, and Kaitlyn 4/8/2014


I really like math. We learned about addition and subtraction. Addition is when you add things and subtraction is when you take away. Today we made 3D shapes out of marshmallows and toothpicks! I made a rectangular prism and a cone. My favorite books from our book tournament have been Pirates Love Underpants and Dinosaurs Love Underpants! We did a group project about ambulances. My group made a book. Next time I want to make a power point!


I like doing the book tournament, too! My favorite book so far has been Knuffle Bunny! I really like reading books. Center time is fun. At the art center we made airplanes out of clips and popcicle sticks. We have also made animals out of pipecleaners and feathers. I also liked making the power point about ambulances. Did you know that ambulances can drive fast? I like school because you can do fun things!


I enjoy doing everything at school! I love to go on adventures in books at reading time! I also really like math. One day we made shapes with our bodies. We made a square, a rectangle, a circle, and a triangle by lying down and sitting. I also liked making animals at the art center. We had Mrs. Bussey's dog, Sage, come in and visit us. Sage is a Bernese Mountain Dog. She came to visit us because we reached our goal of 100 brown days. Sage was very soft. We made a class book about transportation. I made a page about a ferryboat.

April 07
Sean and Bradyn 4/7/2014


Something I have learned in school is writing and drawing pictures. I like to write about colors. My favorite thing to draw is pink circles. My favorite story is Little Red Riding Hood. I read this at the library. I like going to the computer and doing Lexia. I learned about the letter J. Some words that start with J are:

juice, jump, and job


I enjoy doing Lexia. I like art and recess because I like playing and exercising. I liked when we played I spy with shapes during math. We made 3D shapes out of marshmallows. I made a triangular prism and a cube. When I put them together they made a house! Last week I did a smart board presentation on ambulances. Did you know that they can turn stop lights green using a little button in the front of their truck? I enjoy getting to go to the computer lab each week.

April 04
Xavier, Rachel, Olivia S. 4/5/2014


I have really enjoyed the centers that we have been doing. One of the centers we got to experiment with different objects to see if they float or sink in water. Another center we did before break was with magnets. We saw if objects were magnetic or not. Some objects were magnetic but they werent magnets! I helped my group make a power point presentation this week about firetrucks. Firetrucks have sirens and they help people! I like my teachers because they let us do fun activities!


I like the books Mrs. Cartwright has been reading to us for our book tournament. My favorite book so far is "The Pigeon Wants A Puppy." For our research project my group made a poster and I really liked doing that. The poster was a city with a police car. Police cars are allowed to speed! Before break we did an activity where we put our hands in blubber and then in cold water to see how polar bears stay warm in the cold water.

Olivia S.

I really enjoyed right to read week. We learned about Dr. Seuss books. One day we made green eggs and ham! I liked the green eggs and ham. We had special stations set up in a hallway where we could read. The stations were a train, a hot air balloon, a boat, and cars. During centers we did an activity where we had to find words hidden in paint. I found alot of words! They were all word wall words! My favorite book so far has been Pete the Cat: My Four Groovy Buttons.

April 03
Larissa, Faith, Alex, and Harley 3/31/2014

We just got back from spring break and are excited to learn new things! Today we learned that two words together are called compound words! We read a story called "Max Takes the Train." To get ice cream, they took the train, the plane, the subway, and the bus! This story was fantasy. Fantasy is fiction. Fantasy means the story is not real!
Our letter was the letter J! We made jellyfish and wrote words on them that started with the letter j. Some words that start with j are:
jack jet jog jellyfish January July jaguar jump jazz


April 03
Savannah, Robert, Mackenzie, and Owen 4/3/2014

We enjoyed reading the book “Interrupting Chicken.” We are having a book tournament and like reading all the different books! We have new word wall words this week:

Yellow, blue, green, will

We learned about cause and effect when we read about Pete the Cat. When Pete stepped in things, it caused his shoes to turn different colors. We have been learning about minus and plus. Minus is when you take away something and plus is when you add.

This week we learned about emergency vehicles. Police cars take the police to arrest people.  They also have radars and sirens. We learned about transportation when we read “Max Takes the Train.” Transportation is how we get from one place to another. You get in something and it takes you somewhere.

During center time we learned about things that float and sink. Some of the things that floated were:

Rubber band, balloon, and a toy spider

Some things that sank were:

Chalk, crayon, and the golf ball

We had a lot of fun this week in school!

April 03
Sam, Braden, and Aby 4/1/2014

In class we have enjoyed learning about letters! We learned about the letters J and E. We enjoyed doing a science experiment where we tested plain and salt water to see which one would melt ice faster. Salt water melts the ice faster! We also worked as a  class to make different shapes with our bodies! We made a circle, square, rectangle, and triangle. We did this by lying down, sitting and standing. 

We are holding a book tournament where we read a book or two each day and vote on which book we like better. The one that wins moves forward in the tournament. Our favorite books so far include: Skippy Jon Jones, Dinosaurs Love Underpants, and Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type.

Our new sight words this week include: yellow, blue, green, and will.


The following are long E words that we learned about before spring break:


Beak, see, team, beach

March 31
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