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April 28
Helping students with grief.

It is with a heavy heart that I post these recommendations!

H​elpful hints for parents and students:

- Listen to your child and their feelings.  Crying is a good way of letting them express their hurt.  

- Take a walk or do an activity while your child talks with you.

- Remember the deceased person by drawing a picture or writing a letter.

- Think of the happy times and share stories.

- Keep the communication open both at home and at school.  I will be available at school to help our students and staff.

Suggested websites:

January 22
Contact Information

Mrs. N​ancy Turner, School Counselor

Uniontown Elementary

13244 Cleveland Avenue

Uniontown, OH  44685


January 22
Outside Counselors

​While I am here at school to support and advocate for each student, there are certain circumstances that require a child to have a more consistent, ongoing therapeutic setting and relationship.  In these situations, I would highly recommend finding someone outside of school who can spend time with your child without taking valuable time away from their academics.

Here is a starting point of outside counselors who may be able to assist your child Please call around to see which agencies and/or services are covered under your insurance.

Trillium Family Solutions - 330-454-7066 

Crisis Intervention Hotline of Stark County 330-452-6000

Northeast Behavioral Health (Carrie) 330-451-1701

Community Services 330-455-0374

Dr. Tim King 330-966-8677

Dr. Lee Reynolds, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist 330-433-1300

Kathleen Houston, Christian Counselor, Jackson Friends Church 330-966-0616

Dr. Jerry West, Psychologist, Emege Christian Ministries 330-867-5603

Please know that I am here at Uniontown Elementary to serve you and your children.  IfI can offer support in any way, please contact me.

January 22
General Information

​Mrs. Nancy Turner, School Counselor

Uniontown Elementary

13244 Clevaland Avenue

Uniontown, OH  44685


January 22
January Classroom Lesson

This month we are focusing on "ATTITUDES."  We are having classroom discussions, videos, and handouts focusing on how we can make the choice and have a positive or a negative attitude.  Many things will happen throughout our days, and the students will have opportunities to "make the best of things."​

September 20
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