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A blog for Mrs. Linton to communicate to her class on line.
May 04
May 4 - 8, 2015

​The focus of this week is on personal writing.  We will begin the week with a tribute letter which is to be typed by Tuesday.  Letters will be returned on Wednesday for corrections.  We will also begin writing a simile poem.  Both of these assignments are for summative grades.  On Wednesday we will go to the library to take out books for the final time this year.  On Thursday, we will take the end of the year Science exam after lunch.  All written assignments are due by Thursday so we can type and print out on Friday.

April 27
April 27 - May 1, 2015

​This week will be our end of year PARCC test in English/Language Arts.  Testing will be on Wednesday, April 29 with the first session at 7:30 - 9:00 and the second session at 12:00 - 1:30.

Monday:  Read PARCC review selection for homework.

Tuesday:  Review strategies in class.

Wednesday:  PARCC testing.  All students have "The Girl Who Lived Forever" to read and complete handouts for Thursday.

Thursday:  In class discussion of "The Girl Who Lived Forever".

Friday:  Non-fiction reading assessment.


April 21
April 22 - 24, 2015

INdependent book project is due on Friday, April 24th.  Students should bring their book to class on Friday for a work cited page.  All electronic  projects should be downloaded in the drop box.

Monday:  MAPS testing

Tuesday:  Nonfiction reading/ complete Short story assessment.

Wednesday:  Earth Day activities

Thursday:  review for PARCC test; nonfiction activity and drafting treasured object explanation.

Friday:  review for PARCC test, nonfiction activity and completing final draft of treasured object. Turn in rubrics for book project.

April 06
April 6 - 10, 2015

​Monday:  In class practice PARCC test.

Tuesday:  Revising strategies in class.  Make revisions to draft of memoir. Word Cards will be assigned and due on Thursday.

Wednesday:  Theme zigsaw activity.  Editing of memoir.  Final draft of memoir is due at end of class period today.  Six word sentence strips should be completed as well as participle poems.

Thursday:  Model short story activity.  Present word cards.

Friday:  Pick a short story and work with partner to complete requirements.  This is due at the end of class of Monday.

Also our final independent book project is due April 24.  Book should be read by April 17 to ensure ample time to complete requirements for project of student's choice.

March 24
March 23 - 27, 2015

​This week we will be identifying potential stories by doing a heart mapping activity.  Students will state qualities of an effective memoir and then select a memory from their heart to put into words.  A story map and sensory detail charts are tools to be used to draft out their story and add essential details.  

Tuesday:  Focus on leads.  Students should have their lead ready for Wednesday as well as a completed story map and sensory detail chart.

Wednesday:  Library and explanation of final book project.  In class activities to improve the choice of words especially verbs will be presented.  A written draft of memoir is due at the beginning of class on Thursday.

Thursday:  Work day.  Typed draft is due at the end of class today.

Friday:  A variety of class opportunities will be offered.

Have a great spring break.

March 09
Seventh Period March 9 - 13, 2015

​Monday through Wednesday: Book project presentations

Tuesday:  Dialogue writing activity

Wednesday:  complete dialogue writing and practice after book presentations.

Thursday:  Present Dialogues. Introduce Greek and Latin Root word activity.

Friday:  Present root word trees.  Connotation and Denotation activity.

March 09
March 9 - 13, 2015

​Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we will be completing our Performance Based Assessment for English Language Arts.  This test will be from 7:30 - 9:00.  Classes have been restructured so that all students will have every content class during testing.

Monday:  Essay discussion.  Memorize assigned parts for read through.  Students should also decide on background for PowerPoint.  

Tuesday:  Book project presentations.  Dialogue writing activity.

Wednesday:  Present book project and dialogue activity.

Thursday:  Vocabulary activities with Greek and Latin root words and connotation and denotations.

Friday:  Presentations! Presentations! Presentations!

March 02
March 2 - 6, 2015

​Independent book project must be turned in at the beginning of class on Friday, March 6th for full credit. Students should be working from a purple handout with directions and a rubric.

Monday:  Complete the reading of "The Ransom of Red Chief" (not in period 2/3).  Create ransom quote activity.  Book project is homework.

Tuesday: Tone and theme activities.  Book project is homework.

Wednesday:  Unpacking prompt activities.  Choice of narrative prompts for homework.

Thursday:  Rubric discussion.  Summary review and practice.

Friday:  ​Turn in book project.  Review, refuel, and recharge.

February 23
February 23 - 27, 2015

Students should be reading their choice book and deciding which project they will create for Thursday, March 5.

Monday:  Argumentative essay draft is due at the beginning of class.  Students will spend time revising today and a clean revised copy is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday.

Tuesday:  Schedule for high school class.  Signed orange schedule forms should come in today. Class time will be devoted to stations activities.  Final drafts of essay are to be turned in by Wednesday at the end of class.

Wednesday:    In class we will be working on editing essays, PARCC practice, and independent book project.

Thursday:  PARCC review activities and explanation of O'Henry assignment.

Friday:  PARCC review activities.

February 09
February 9 - 13, 2015

​This week we will be review argumentative writing and creating an essay dealing with money and sports.  

Tuesday:  cold prompt nonfiction reading assessment.  Mrs. Marko completes her scheduling presentations. Materials should be coming home tonight.

Wednesday:  Library and introduction of independent reading assignment.

Thursday:  Note taking on resources in class. Students may bring ear buds to listen to video clips,  All notes are to be completed by the end of class on Friday.

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About this blog 
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