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December 20

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Dear parents and students,

            This message is just a reminder that due to the flexability in our schedule in my classes I will not be posting assignments/assessments on my blog or on a e-classroom site.  Instead, I will be sending home periodical emails to inform parents of such things.  If you are currently not receiving my emails and would like for me to add you to the list please send and email to 


I hope that all of your families have a Joyous Holiday Season full of happiness and wonderful memories.​

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October 12

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   Please remember to send in your students technology agreement into school ASAP! The students will NOT be allowed to get on the school's computers if they have not returned this form.  This will make typing and using the computers in English very difficult.  If you need another form please tell your child to ask me for another form.


Thank you and have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!

October 09
October 9th- October 12th


Last week the students took the final Number, Number Sense and Operations Test! The kids for the most part did a nice job.  They have worked very hard this year so far.


We are now starting our new standard: Data Analysis and Probability.

In this standard the students will be working on Data collection techniques and methods, How to analize data (information), data display (graphs, charts etc.) as well as probability and odd calculations.


Again your students will not have homework for my class...unless they need to finish an assignment that they started in class or were not using their time wisely.


Attached is the 1st powerpoint that we are going over for this standard.  I attached the PP in PP format as well as PDF.


Thanks and have a GREAT WEEK!!!

5 NumberSummary.pdf5 NumberSummary.pdf

5 NumberSummary.ppt5 NumberSummary.ppt

September 21
Weekend Assignment


 english 4.jpg
 When you come in on Monday, come up to my desk and hand me a 1/2 sheet of paper with your name on it. That's it, don't write anything else on the paper but your name in the right hand corner.



September 11
English Week of September 10-14th

                                ​english 3.jpg

Monday: Review articles about YEAR ROUND SCHOOLING


Tuesday: Students will be writing a responce to a COLD PROMPT   

              (Year-Round School)


Wednesday: Type "Summer Time" poem and "These Things Are..." poem


Thursday: Review BrainPop on Verbs!

                In class assignment

 Friday: TBA

September 11
Week of September 10-14th

                              ​math pic.jpg

Monday: Square Roots lesson

              Buckle Down page 7 #'s 1-14


Tuesday: Review Square Roots (SmartBoard Lesson)

               Square Roots Worksheet #'s 1-20

                     SQUARE ROOTS.pdfSQUARE ROOTS.pdf


Wednesday:  Take QUIZ over Squares and Square Roots

                    Math Minute #5


Thursday:   Review QUIZ

                  Start ORDER OF OPERATIONS


Friday:  Practice ORDER OF OPERATIONS w/ or w/out a partner

            Possibly Math Bingo!


September 11
Square Roots Review

​Attached please find the review from class for the quiz tomorrow. 

September 04
Week of September 3rd- 7th

​Tuesday: Reviewed Scientific Notation

              Took a quiz (Period 2)

              Introduced new concept: Number Concepts (different types of numbers)



              Finish Notes

              Watch Brain Pop (rational and irrational numbers)

              Review the new concept

              Assignment: Buckle Down page-5 #'s ALL



              Review number concepts

               Practice filling in a blank flow chart

              Start Squares and Square roots



            Review Number Concepts, Squares and Square Roots

            Practice Problems on the board

            Assignment: Worksheet over these concepts

September 04
September 4th-September 7th

This week in English


Tuesday:  Brainstorming and writing the Acrostic Poem "Summer Time"


Wednesday: Typing the "Summer Time" poems and decorating student composition  



Thursday:  Read article and take notes for "Baseline Cold Prompt"


Friday:  The students will be writing their responce to the "Cold Prompt" .  This 

                writing will used as a baseline for the students writing ability.  This

                information will let me know what the students' strengths and   

                weaknesses are.

August 30
Scientific Notation Quiz

Write your answers on a piece of paper and turn in the Math tray when you are finished!


Directions: Put the following numbers into scientific notation


1.        345  000 000 000

2.        25 000 000

3.       521 000
4.       723 111  000
5.       4890
Directions: Write the following numbers in standard form
6.        8.7 x 108
7.       9.162 x 105
8.       6.524 x 105

9.       5.00961 x 104


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