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 GATE English 6 Handouts

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This blog contains inforrmation and materials for sixth grade GATE students enrolled in English Applications and reading with Mrs. Ebner.
December 15
There are no jury trials scheduled this week, so Mrs. Ebner will not be at jury duty. Presentations will be held as scheduled.

October 12
Sixth Grade Weekly Update: October 13-17
Monday: No school
Tuesday: Vocabulary, nonfiction pre-assessment; verbs activity
Wednesday: Vocabulary work; nonfiction article work, including small group and whole-class discussions
Thursday: Re-read article and begin crafting response to a question, using evidence from the article. Organizers should be finished in class but will be due by beginning of class Friday if more time is needed.
Friday: Vocabulary quiz; begin drafting responses to the question (responses due Tuesday, October 21)

October 02
Eighth Grade Weekly Update: October 6-10

​Plans for October 6-10:

Monday: Blog due & paragraphs over Adams's letter due. Question: How does our point of view impact our interpretation and understanding of a conflict? Small group work surrounding book George vs. George. Complete chart while working together.

Tuesday: Finish reading (if necessary). Journal question. Class discussion. Writing task: What specific lines or incidents in the book helped you learn more about the Revolution? Craft a paper in which you cite at least three specific examples from the book which answer this question. Use strong verbs and clear explanations to illustrate what has helped you better understand the American Revolution.

Wednesday: Computer lab: Craft essay

Thursday: Essay due in drop box. Read historical account of Paul Revere's ride. Read "Paul Revere's Ride" by Longfellow. Journal entry. Discussion over comparison of two texts. 

Friday: 20-Time

October 02
Seventh Grade Weekly Update: October 6-10
Plans for next week in seventh grade language arts:

Monday: Blogs due & multi-paragraph pieces on texts 7-9 due. Introduce vocabulary roots for the week; introduce participles; introduce group presentations on texts 7-9; group work/planning time.

Tuesday: Vocabulary worksheet due; participle work; AR time; rehearse presentations

Wednesday: Introduce gerunds; AR time; four presentations by groups

Thursday: Practice gerunds; AR time; four presentations by groups.

​Friday: 20-Time

October 02
Sixth Grade Weekly Update: October 6-10

​Plans for next week:

Monday: Signposts review activity; introduce vocabulary roots for the week: duc; fac/fic; no-excuse words for the week: because, beginning

Tuesday: Signposts assessment (if ready; otherwise, more review); verb work time

Wednesday: Blog #7 due--**note change in regular due date**. Nonfiction preassessment (unless taking signposts assessment); verbs and voabulary working time

Thursday: Vocabulary review game; verbs review; hero article and discussion

Friday: 20-Time

**Our schedule this week is a bit "in flux" because I want to see how well we do on the review activities for signposts before giving the assessment. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns!

Mrs. E.

September 19
A few quick notes

Happy Friday! As we close in on the last full week of September, there is a bit of information to share with you.

1. Parent-teacher conference sign-ups are continuing. If you would like to meet with me, please schedule with me individually. I have several slots still open and am happy to meet with you.

2. WEP's (Written Education Plans) will be emailed home in the next week, provided I have a current email address for you. If you haven't yet filled out the Googledocs form sharing an email with me, please do so. It's available here on the blog, on an entry around August 18 or 19.

3. If you are interested in having your child take the ACT or SAT, I have an information booklet I will send home with your child. This is being offered as part of Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search program (NUMATS). Taking the ACT or SAT in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade can be beneficial for students because it gives them a glimpse of an important test early on, so they are more familiar with it and it's not such an "unknown" to them in high school. This kind of above-grade testing also gives you and the school some information about the range and stretch of your child's abilities. This is entirely optional. Parents can register children online. 

4. 20-Time projects are underway! I want to congratulate the sixth graders for hanging in there with some of our "technical difficulties" with our blogs. I admire their patience and persistence. (And I think maybe I have all those issues sorted out--we'll see this week!) Sixth graders will be sharing their pitches with us in class on September 22-24, while seventh and eighth graders are a bit later. Information about our upcoming "Pitch Night" for seventh and eighth grade will be coming shortly. I am really excited about these projects and cannot wait to see what the kids learn and do and how they grow through these projects.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns! Thanks again for your continued support and partnership. 

~ Mrs. Ebner

September 11
Parent-Teacher Conferences

​Parent-teacher conference sign-ups have begun for some of the teams I serve at Lake Middle School, and others will be opening within the next few days. I will be holding conferences separate from the teams. If you would like to meet with me, please sign up for a separate conference. Because of the complexity of my schedule, I am not able to join the teams for team conferences.


If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

September 07
Sixth Grade Lang. Arts: September 8-12

​Monday: Introduce roots for the week; working on informational writing assessment. **Blog #2 due**

Tuesday: Assessment

Wednesday: Root words activity; finish work on informational writing.

Thursday: Review signposts and look for more signposts in book; revierw vocabulary roots and quiz each other.

Friday: Proposals due; vocabulary quiz, 20-Time (Pitch requirements)

Blog #3 due Monday, September 15

September 07
Seventh Grade Lang. Arts: September 8-12

​Monday: Blog #2 due; video and discussions

**Root words poster due Tuesday**

Tuesday: Assessment

Wednesday: Begin Root Words presentations (through Friday, eight per day), questioning texts work

Thursday: Begin analyzing texts by looking at specific details. Grammar and AR time

Friday: One period of root words, grammar, AR; 20-Time. **Proposals due**

September 07
Eighth Grade Lang. Arts: September 8-12

​Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: Readers' Theater activity

*Blog #2 due Monday, along with reading through page 258 in novel.

* Novel finished for Thursday

Tuesday: Assessment

Friday: Proposal due

*Blog #3 due Monday, September 15

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 About this blog

About this blog
Welcome to our GATE blog page! This is where you'll find basic information for our Lake Middle School language arts classes for GATE. For more specific information and documents for your specific class, please log into our eClassroom site.

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