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October 20
October Guidance

In Guidance this month, we learned that we are all different and We All Matter. We got to know each other as we Mixed It Up the classroom to prepare for Mix It Up at Lunch on October 28th. 

In the 4th grade, we worked on Venn Diagrams in groups of three to discover what we have in common and what is unique about each of us.  In the 5th grade, we played four corners and did a Human Scavenger Hunt to learn more about each other.

Check back here after October 28th to see how Mix It Up at Lunch went!!

October 20
Meet the School Counselor

Meet Miss Sloan-School Counselor at Lake Elementary

Hello!!! My name is Shirley Sloan. This is my sixth year as the school counselor at Lake Elementary. I completed my undergraduate degree (in education) and master’s degree (in school counseling) at Kent State University (KSU). I am currently finishing my doctorate degree in Counseling and Human Development Services at KSU.                                     

When I am not at Lake Elementary, you will probably find me: traveling, spending time with my family and friends, outside with my dog Quinton or my cat Jack, at a sports event or watching one at home, working out, at KSU or at my church.

Counseling Services

I am here at Lake Elementary to support students in succeeding in school and life. If there is a particular struggle your child is having at school or at home, please contact me and I will do my best to work through the concern with them. If I cannot provide the necessary help, I will find an agency or individual who can. The best way to refer your child to me is to call (330-877-4276) or email ( me or your child’s teacher. If you are unsure whether or not I can help, ask me anyway. J 


Please check my page (located in the Lake Elementary Teacher Sites/Blogs) periodically to find additional information and resources available to your family as well as updates on what is happening in the school counseling program.​

Put a face to the name.docxPut a face to the name.docx


September 04
Welcome Students and Parents!!

Welcome to Lake Elementary Parents and Students!! We are excited to be back in school and ready ​to learn for the 2014-2015 schoolyear!

My name is Shirley Sloan and I am the school counselor for the 4th and 5th grade students. I graduated from Kent State University with my master's in school counseling in 2009 and I have been at Lake ever since! I can not wait to start my sixth school year!!

Please check this site periodically to keep up to date with the school counseling program's events, activities, and resources!! I will also have a short article in the school newspaper each month.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support your family this year!

September 04
We are 1 TEAM!!
Lake Elementary has integrated Jim Basketball Jone's We Are 1 Team program into the existing Good Character program to help each student to be their best, feel safe at school, and develop life skills to benefit them not only in school, but throughout their lives.

The We Are 1 Team slogan is "We are one team, with one mission, to our best, together." The first lesson, We All Matter, establishes a solid foundation for reaching our mission of being the best school we can be "together." We will be talking about diversity, respect and how our differences are a good thing, especially when it comes to working as a TEAM!

One goal is to help students realize that they aren't in competition with each other. They can only control what they do, and therefore, they must learn to compete within themselves to be their best. At Lake Elementary, everyone works together to help support one another to be their best. The strength of the team is the player, and the strength of the player is the team. Everyone at Lake Elementary is on a journey of learning "Together!"

The Big 5 roles every student has control over and can focus on daily are:
1. Participate in class
2. Patient listening
3. Do work
4. Stay on task and focus
5. Encourage others

In addition to our Guidance lesson in October, We All Matter, the girls in 3G (group to begin in October with 5th grade girls) will be helping Miss Sloan to create a Mix It Up at Lunch event on Tuesday, October 28th at Lake Elementary.  This is a national event aimed to celebrate differences and encourage students to get to know new kids at lunch time. We are going to have so much fun mixing up and mismatching our clothes and lunchroom on Tuesday, October 28th!!!

September 04
September 03
Guidance Class

4th grades will have Guidance class once a month for 45 minutes. 5th graders will have Guidance class once a month for 30 minutes. During these lessons, students will have discussions, and participate in activities, which will support them in developing academically, socially/personally, and emotionally in order to thrive this school year and ultimately grow into successful adults. If you have any suggestions of topics you would like to see covered this year, please do not hesitate to contact me. or 330-877-4276   ​

August 18
Support Groups

The purpose of groups are to provide students with an opportunity to focus on and discuss common issues and emotional concerns. Support groups are small in number (8-10 students). The small number helps students to feel more comfortable to share their thoughts and concerns. Groups are very effective in helping students develop better communication skills and gain valuable support from peers who are dealing with similar issues. If you feel that your child would benfit from participating in a group, please contact me! 

February 07
February Guidance

​This month in Guidance we focused on effective problem solving skills. We talked about the many different problems that we may be faced with at school, at home, on the bus as well as other places throughout life. We discussed many differengt options that we can use to help us solve these problems. We stressed the importance of defining the problem, brainstorming different solutions and finding the solution that would work best. Sometimes the first solution that we come up with doesnt work, so we explored the option of making more solutions in order to help us problem solve.

4th grade: We then put our brainstorming think caps on and played Problem Solving Baseball. There was the purple, orange and green teams who competed in order to come up with the most logical solutions to a given problem. As a team we worked our way around the bases placed throughout the room and competed against each other to score the most runs and become great problem solvers. We are now ready to tackle any problem that may come our way! 

5th grade: We watched Dr Suess' Zax and discussed how they might have worked out their problem of not wanting to stray from their path to let the other pass by.  We then chose a problem that we wanted to work out and act out in front of the class.

February 07
January Guidance

​In January, we talked about the many different strengths that we have as well as the weakness that we have. Using a superhero theme, we also talked about the many strengths and weaknesses that many different superheros have and how we can relate to these. After watching and discussing a short superhero video we worked to identify our own strengths and weaknesses and used these to come up with a goal that we wanted to work on. We discussed how we can use our strengths to help us overcome a weakness as well as help us acheive a goal that we have in mind. Lastly, we used a comic strip to visualize the way in which we plan to achieve our goal. We used stick figures, thought bubbles, and many other creative ways in order to show our classmates our plan to help us be successful and achieve our goals. January was a great month to be Super Students.

November 21
December Guidance

This month in Guidance we will be talking about school sucess and setting goals. We will use the Superhero theme the students are working on in Art and Language Arts as a springboard to discuss ​strengths and weaknesses we all have. 


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 About this blog

About this blog
Welcome to Miss Sloan's School Counseling Blog. Lake Elementary is committed to developing the character of each student. Come here for updates on what is happening in the School Counseling

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