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Homework Assignments for the Week of 4/20-4/24
Monday (4/20) - Conversion WS/signed test/WRS #28 due Wed.
Tuesday (4/21) - Gallon Man WS/WRS #28 due Wed.
Wednesday (4/22) - Conversion Practice WS
Thursday (4/23)  - Time WS/Redo WRS #28
Friday (4/24) - ​​No homework
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OAA Review Websites 
Math Links
Divisibility Rules - Practice each divisibility rule
Rags to Riches - Multiplication Game
Area & Perimeter - a game to practice perimeter and area
Billy Bug - a great game to practice coordinate grids
Place Value Pirates - a fun way to practice finding the place value of various numbers
Touch that Button - an awesome website that can be used to practice your multiplication facts.
Math Magician ​- a great website to practice your multiplication facts
Practice Multiplication Website - an interactive website to practice multiplication facts
Hooda Math - offers free math games, tutorials, and forums for elementary-level mathematics.
Emathematics - has interactive exercises, lessons, and worksheets to practice math skills from elementary to high school.
Learning Keys - offers free math skill building lessons with emphasis on basic math skills and algebra readiness in a distraction free environment.
Fraction Tutorial - explains how to find equivalent fractions, improper and mixed numbers, adding/subtracting fractions, and much more!
Decimals: Fast Facts - includes descriptions on how to add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals, as well as how to round decimals.
Cool Math - offers lessons, practice and games on a variety of math topics.
Place Value/Rounding - an excellent review game for rounding and finding the place value of a number.
BrainPop - short animations that explain different topics in math, social studies, science, english, technology, health, and arts & music, followed by a short quiz.
Gamequarium - offers math games for a variety of topics.
Everyday Math Resources - this website corresponds to the different units and lessons in the 5th grade Everyday Math series. Games are provided for each lesson.
Multiplication Facts - offers a variety of games to practice your multiplication facts.