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 Please remember to practice your multiplication facts at least 4 times a week. You can use flashcards, worksheets you can pick up in my room, or games on websites such as multiplication.com. (Try the penguin jump game!) Our goal right now is 20 correct in a minute!

Homework for the Week of 5/25
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Below you will find several Livescribe lessons on assorted topics that we study in math. Feel free to view and listen to them to assist with homework!


Division A5S p30.pdfDivision A5S p30.pdf

Divisibility Rules A5 27.pdfDivisibility Rules A5 27.pdf 

 Multiplication with decimals SN 26.pdfMultiplication with decimals SN 26.pdf 

Equal Fractions and Percents A5 ST Ntbk p 22.pdfEqual Fractions and Percents A5 ST Ntbk p 22.pdf

Order of Operations.pdfOrder of Operations.pdf

A5 Starter Notebook p. 12.pdfMixed Numbers and Improper Fractions p. 12.pdf

Triangles- missing angle A5 St Ntbk 20.pdfTriangles- missing angle A5 St Ntbk 20.pdf

Measurement Conversions A5 SN p.pdfMeasurement Conversions A5 SN p.pdf


Math Links:
Math Vocab Quizlet:http://quizlet.com/55845055/word-problem-vocabulary-flash-cards/
Penguin Jump multiplication Practice 
Math Magician - Basic Fact Practice
Snork's Long Division Game: 
measurement conversions match :
coordinate grids:
Hooda Math - offers free math games, tutorials, and forums for elementaryEmathematics - has interactive exercises, lessons, and worksheets to practice math skills from elementary to high school.
Learning Keys - offers free math skill building lessons with emphasis on basic math skills and algebra readiness in a distraction free environment.
Fraction Tutorial - explains how to find equivalent fractions, improper and mixed numbers, adding/subtracting fractions, and much more!
Decimals: Fast Facts - includes descriptions on how to add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals, as well as how to round decimals.
Cool Math - offers lessons, practice and games on a variety of math topics.
Place Value/Rounding - an excellent review game for rounding and finding the place value of a number.
BrainPop - short animations that explain different topics in math, social studies, science, english, technology, health, and arts & music, followed by a short quiz.
Gamequarium- offers math games for a variety of topics.
Everyday Math Resources - this website corresponds to the different units and lessons in the 5th grade Everyday Math series. Games are provided for each lesson.
Multiplication Facts - offers a variety of games to practice your multiplication facts.