It is my personal goal to help your child not only learn about music, but how to experience it as well. We learn in the class that depending on the setting, we can act different ways at music performances.

How should I act at atheletic events during the Star Spangled Banner?


I always take my hat off (if I'm wearing one of course), face the flag, put my hand over my heart and stand still while the performers are singing or playing. I am allowed to eat food, text, and walk around after this, but I want to show respect for my country. I also clap for the performing group when they are finished to support them! Then let the games begin!

How should I act at an outdoor/lively concert?


I am allowed to stand up or sit to watch the performance. I'm even allowed to sing along and talk to the people I am there with! Sometimes I can even have food to eat during the performance. These concerts are much more relaxed and a lot of fun!

How should I act at a Theatre or Performing Arts Hall?


This is much different than a concert or athletic event. I'm not usually wearing a hat because I'm dressed up. There is no food allowed in theatre, so I eat before or after I come. I make sure my phone is turned off and sit quietly the whole time. If I need to leave for some reason, I wait until the intermission or a piece is over before I quietly sneak out because I don't want to distract the audience or performers. I also wait until the song or piece is over before I walk back in. I make sure to follow along in the program and wait until the conductor puts their arms down to know when I'm allowed to clap. An evening out to see a musical  performance is so fun!

How should I act at a jazz performance?

Jazz performances are awesome because this music is so different than any other style. I can tap my foot, snap my fingers, and bob my head. I'm also supposed to clap for the solist when they're done performing, even while the rest of the band is playing! I want to make sure the soloist knows how great they did improvising! I still want to make sure that I don't leave during the middle of a performance, I wait until the song is over. When I'm coming back in the room, I also wait until the band is in between songs before I go back to my seat. I always want to be a polite audience member!