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Week of February 17th


-Our Field Trip is this Thursday. Please have your student wear Lake Attire and DRESS WARM that day. We will have to walk a short distance outside once we arrive at the Planetarium that day.
-Class T-Shirt order forms will come home today.  Money is due Friday, February 27th
Language Arts: This entire month will focus on reviewing skills for our PARCC PBA Test which will be in early March. We will be doing a variety of reading/writing activities to prepare for this assessment. We will also complete an online practice to help students become familiar with the computerized component to this assessment.
Math: We will be discussing the PBA tools and types of questions they will see. The students will also be taking the practice Parcc Test on Friday.  
Science: We will be discussing Rotation/Revolution and the why we have seasons!  
Social Studies: We will continue our study of Canada.