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February 29
VISIT NEW ART BLOG HERE for student works!
February 29
New artworks up on SUSAARTCLASS/BLOG SITE!! Come check it out!

​Student art for grades 2nd, 4th and 5th are up on Mrs. Susa's art blog! Come see what the little artists have created!

Mrs, Susa's NEW ART BLOG

February 22

Hello artists and parents! I am excited to share a link to my new art blog that has just been started. Not much has been posted so far and I am going to try to keep it updated as often as possible with new project pics and happenings in the art room! It may soon be under a new name but for now we're starting with LAKE AND HARTVILLE ELEM ART! Select link below and it will take you there! 

October 12
Mrs Susa joins HS staff to teach Blk/Wh Photography

This year I have been given the opportunity to teach at both the ms and hs! I have been enjoying getting to know the darkroom again, as well as all of the HS students I have had in the past when they were at Lake Elementary. 

It has been a while since my last experience with blk and white film developing so I am excited to get back into it!!

There are 14 students this first semester. All students have just completed their first photography shoot to work through the diagnostics and testing for their individual cameras. We are working towards developing their negatives this week and looking forward to learning how to use the enlarger to produce the actual prints. It has been super exciting to work each of them through their chemicals and faciliate their learning of the complete process for black and white film developing. It is exciting to see that this process is so  empowering, artistically, for them!

October 12
Welcome Back 2011, Excited for 2012!!

Last time I added something to the art blog was when my son was born! Luke is now 6 months old! I hate stating the obvious, but WOW does time fly! I cannot even believe he is here, let alone growing so, so fast. He is already 20 lbs and is over 27 inches long...We are elated to have him, he is just the most content, happy, baby boy. 

This year has presented some new challenges for Mrs. Susa. I have been given the opportunity to teach at our middle school and high school here at Lake. I am enjoying the new buildings and getting to know other staff members in our district, however, what is most fun is seeing all of my past students!! It is a total joy to see some of them and how they have grown. I like hearing about what they are doing now in sports, how they are doing in their upper level art classes and I am especially enjoying the chance to teach different grade levels!!

I am looking forward to the rest of the year teaching 10th, 11th, and 12th grade BLK/WH photography classes and painting with 7th graders. Tons of fun!! Being stretched across four different buildings is definitely a challenge, but getting the opportunity to grow as a professional by teaching what I love is always a big plus! I do miss teaching kindergarten, first & third grades...but, I will see all of them in the future!

April 27
Mrs Susa's Baby Boy
Luke Isaac was born on April 19th!! He weighed 8lbs 11 oz and was 21.25 inches long. He is happy, healthy and beautiful! Growing strong and changing every day already! We are enjoying our time at home with him.
Picture 5.png

April 06
Mrs. Susa's Last Day Before Maternity Leave

Just so everyone knows, my last day before maternity leave to have my little boy will be APRIL 14th (unless he decides to arrive earlier)

I will not be able to post projects from home so I will look forward to the Fall where all new projects will be posted for viewing!

Mrs. Kim Mosyjowski will be the permanant substitute for Art classes here at Lake Elementary. She will be here until the end of the year and I will return in August.


THANK YOU & have a wonderful end of the year!

March 21
Week 7 Bond Issue Questions/ Concerns

(District Average)
How much will it cost me as a homeowner when

March 14

I wanted to mention the upcoming Bond Issue. Please read below for more info if you have not heard anything about this...

Facts and Figures about the May 3rd Bond Issue
The State provides $2 for every $1 raised locally.
More efficient buildings reduce operating costs.
Central campus results in reduced transportation, food service and maintenance costs.
The issue includes continuous building maintenance revenue, which reduces millage of future operating levies.
Renovation of Hartville Elementary is not cost effective.
Parking/Property/Road Improvements
Sewer Improvements
Stadium Lighting
King Church Property
Playground and Retention Pond
Tennis Courts Including Property
Lake Elementary Roof
Lake Elementary HVAC
Lake Elementary Electrical 


District currently has no local levy for Permanent Improvement Funds.


Approval of the issue will provide $207,000 per year for maintenance.


Passage of the issue would result in less transferring of funds from operating revenue and more dollars in the classroom, helping to reduce cost of future levies.

March 10
Night City Landscape Collage

Some examples from our latest project. With this project we got to practice our cutting and gluing skills while learning about landscapes and cityscapes. It was also Dr. Seuss Day!!










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 About this blog

About this blog
Welcome to Mrs. Susa's Art Class! We're excited to announce our new blog and we are looking forward to exciting upcoming news and events in the ART STUDIO at LAKE ELEM!

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