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October 15
Schedule for 10/19-10/23






October 08
Schedule for 10/12-10/16

​MONDAY: staff in-service school for students

TUESDAY: wrap up TR power point

HOMEWORK: study for quiz!

WEDNESDAY: 9-3 TR quiz, begin essay correction worksheet

THURSDAY: complete essay correction worksheet, review answers, begin Coca-Cola history

FRIDAY: pep rally/shortened schedule...history of Coca-Cola day 2

October 02
Chapter 9 study guides
September 29
Schedule for 10/05-10/09

MONDAY: continue TR power point

TUESDAY: History of Snake-Oil salesmen article and worksheet, con't TR power point, pass out 9-3 quiz study guide

WEDNESDAY: complete TR power point, review 9-1 & 9-3 kahoots

HOMEWORK: study for the 9-3 quiz

THURSDAY: 9-3 quiz, begin essay corrections worksheet

FRIDAY: complete essay corrections worksheet, check and review in class

September 28
September 24
Progressive Super Hero Project
September 23
Schedule for 09/28 - 10/02

MONDAY: complete 9-1, explain project option, review test study guide, cause & effect chart, football DBQ

TUESDAY: 9-1 review questions, begin overview of TR

WEDNESDAY: TR webquest

THURSDAY: complete TR webquest, 9-1 review questions, begin 9-3: TEDDY ROOSEVELT

FRIDAY: continue with 9-3 TR power point

September 18
Chapter 9 power points: Progressive Era
September 17
Schedule for 09/21-09/25

​MONDAY: final review for Immigration/Urbanization quiz

TUESDAY: Immigration/Urbanization quiz (chapter 7), 3-2-1 chart


THURSDAY: Chapter 9-1 Progressivism

FRIDAY: chapter 9-1 continued

September 14
Ellis & Angel Island webquest links
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