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These are reviews of some new books and books I've recently read!
There will aso be useful tips for using sources available from the Lake HS/MS Library Homepage coming soon.
September 13
The Body of Christopher Creed by Carol Plum-Ucci

Christopher Creed, the student who was bullied, outcast, made fun of, and known as the class "freak" has disappeared. The only clue he left is in the email to his principal."I have a problem getting along with people. I know that people wish I were dead...I wish no malice on anyone. I only wish to be gone. Therefore, I AM."​

Was it suicide? Or is he a runaway? Torey Adams decides to find out the truth. In doing so, he discovers that the "weirdness" surrounding Christopher Creed did not leave town with him. The "weirdness" remains there and is rearing its ugly head in very strange ways.

This is one of THE BEST books I'v read! 

Carol Plum-Ucci wrote several other YA novels, including "Following Christopher Creed", "Whatever Happened to Lani Garver" and "The Night My Sister Went Missing". She is definitely an author to follow.

September 09
Stay With Me by Paul Griffin

A guy with a BAD temper, a young girl, a restaurant and a dog are the main players in this romantic, horrifying and bittersweet novel. He loves her. She loves him. Why can't things be easy? His sense of doing the right thing gets him into trouble and makes her see him in a very different way. Enter the dog. The guy's caring and compassion for the dog shine through and help you to undestand why he does the things he does.​

This novel contains adult situations and language.

September 03
The Things a Brother Knows  by Dana Reinhardt

*********This is the best book I've read this year!

Boaz, Levi's older brother, has returned from a war Boaz and his family do not believe in. Boaz gave up everything to serve his country. But when Boaz returns, he holes up in his bedroom and has no contact with anyone at all. Levi realizes there is something wrong with Bo and wants to help him and bring Bo "back". Bo decides to take a long hike, lying to his family about his destination. Levi decides to follow him and through this hike, Levi comes to understand Bo and brings him "back home" again.

September 03
You Know Where To Find Me  by Rachel Cohn

Laura and Miles are cousins who share everything, their wishes, hopes, dreams, fantasy worlds, fears and terrors. Laura is the fair-haired girl who is a good student very popular. Miles is "fat and dumpy", with very few friends, and, she thinks, not many brains. Laura is always the first at doing whatever it is that Miles wants to do. So it is really no surprise to Miles when Laura does the one thing Miles really wants to do first. Or does Miles really want to do this? The complex relatonships of family, friends and step-parents is explored through the eyes of those young women who are affected by these relatonships the most.

-a very moving read ​

September 18
Stolen by Lucy Christopher

You've been watching me for years. You know almost everything about me. And now you want me all to yourself.

Written in the form of a letter to her abductor, Gemma paints a sometimes romantic, sometimes terrifying, picture of her time spent while held captive. Gemma is a young girl who is "stolen" from her family at the airport by Ty, a young man who only wants to live a very simple life. He takes Gemma out to the desert and eventually, makes her totally dependent on him. He shows her the amazing beauty in nature and in her very soul. Ty shares his idealistic  outlook on life with Gemma, who soon falls prey to his charms. Or does she?

Read "Stolen:" by Lucy Christopher to find out.​

This book does contain some profanity.

September 10
The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid - a memoir  by Bill Bryson

This is a hilarious memoir of a young man growing up in the 50's and 60's. Any one who was a child or teenager during this time period will appreciate the anecdotes. If you want to know what life was like for a "normal", and I use the term lightly, family during this period of life in the U.S., this is the funniest book! Check it out and give it to your parents or grandparents after you've read it.​

September 10
paper cover rock    by Jenny Hubbard

William C. Morris Debut Award Finalist- American LIbrary Association​

Alex, a student at a boarding school, witnesses the drowning of a friend. The drunken drowning is also witnessed by another student, Glenn. When questioned about the "accident", the boys begin to spin a web of lies. Alex is torn between upholding the school's code of honor, guilt, deceit and saving his own reputation. He writes his thoughts in a hidden journal and in class writings. The English teacher suspects something is wrong forcing Alex to choose between helping to oust the teacher or coming clean and hurting Glenn.

September 07
There Is No Dog  by Meg Rosoff

​Step into the life of Bob, a teenager who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Through no fault of his own, through a losing poker game, he becomes God! Of course, Bob doesn't want the responsibility of taking care of the universe. He wants to fall in love. Then he meets Lucy...


September 05
You  by Charles Benoit

​So many choices.

Kyle wonders where all the blood came from.

How did he get here?

And more important, what should he do now?

"You" is the story of a 15 year old guy who has to face the reality of dealing with the consequences of his choices, both large and small. 

The story is written in a way that makes you want to keep reading and reading until....

You won't believe the ending! Don't peek!

Read YOU by Charles Benoit and it will surely start you thinking!

February 14
the GAME by Teresa Toten

Two sisters, Danielle and Kelley, are caught in a game where they live "The Game" in a fantasy kingdom fighting to free a trapped princess and vanquish the "Evil One". ​Danielle gets stiuck in the fantasy kingdom and ends up in a mental institution. She wants to talk with Kelley, but is ignored by everyone. Where is Kelley? What happened to the princess and the 'Evil One"? And will Danielle ever be able to trust anyone ever again?

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