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February 07
BLIZZARD BAGS ATTACHED Hard copies were sent home with students
February 07
Blizzard Bags Day one

Attached is the Blizzard bag assignments for day one, two and three.

Please print and complete assignments according to you grade. 

Classes for Tuesday Pe (COLLINS, CAREY, KNEPP, DILLS) Do Day 1

Classess for Wednesday (NALEPA,SODUK, WARTMAN, PULLEN) DO DAY 1 AND 2

February 29
Field Day and Dance

Reminder 4th grade Field Day is May 24th and 5th grade May 25th - save the dates!!

​We are working on Dance Unit for the next several weeks.  2-4 will be creating a line dance, 5th grade will be creating a 90 second dance routine.  K-1 will be doing various dances and trying to keep to the beat!


February 07
More Videos and Pics
February 07
Cooperative Challenges!

This week we started teambuilding activities that are difficult, challenging and fun!

Some of the challenges include surviving the Titanic​, Rollerball, River Crossing, Mars vs Venus, and many more!  Some Pics and vidoes attached.

Hot Hoops.JPG
Hot Hoops 2.JPG
Mars Vs Venus.JPG

Tarp Fold Girls vs Boys.JPG
Tarp Fold.JPG

January 26

Miss Rosso has planned a basketball unit for the next 2 weeks.  This week k-2 is focusing on dribbling and passing.  3-5 have a six station rotation they are doing which focuses on all sort of basketball skills.



January 25
Exercise Circuit

Attached are 2 videos from our circuit last week.  The one is just 4th grade.  The other is 4th grade with Mr. Millard's class due to an assembly.  ​

Exercise Circuit 4th Grade.MP4Exercise Circuit 4th Grade.MP4


Exercise Circuit- combing with Millard's class.MP4Exercise Circuit- combing with Millard's class.MP4



January 12
Mullen's Class Tumbling
January 12
More Videos

​Can only upload one at a time!Videos-Tumbling 002.MP4Videos-Tumbling 002.MP4


Videos-Tumbling 003.MP4Videos-Tumbling 003.MP4


January 12
Tumbling Video's- and some just funny ones!!
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