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Keep up to date on the exciting events, new learning, and exploration of knowledge happening in Miss Stegner's Art Room!
May 13

Keep up to date with all of the exciting happenings in Miss Stegner's art room!

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February 07
Blizzard Bag Assignment

Grades K-5 Blizzard Bag assignment for Miss Stegner's ART classes:

In the case that a Blizzard Bag day should occur on YOUR ART DAY, please complete the required BLIZZARD BAG assignment below and return it to ​your art teacher.

***Please note: This is only required if you were to have art on a Blizzard Bag day.

The assignment is uploaded as a worksheet attachment below. If you cannot access the attachment, please read the directions printed below as text and complete the assignment on a sheet of 8x10 white printer paper.

blizzard bag stegner.docxblizzard bag stegner.docx


Blizzard Bag Directions:

First NAME:_________Last Name:___________Homeroom Teacher:__________
Using the whole space in the box below, draw a realistic self-portrait of your head, neck, and shoulders.
Use good composition and fill the page.
Practice good proportion on the facial features to the best of your abilities.
Practice neat craftsmanship when coloring with crayon, marker, or colored pencils.


April 20
Lake District Art Show!
The importance of an "Education in the Arts"
 is exhibited enthusiatically at Lake Local Schools!

​The annual Lake District Art Show provided an opportunity for the community to observe and enjoy the talents, skills, and creativity of our wonderful artists in grade Kindergarten through twelve.

 Students provided live demonstrations illustrating the use of various media, techniques, and artistic styles.

Enjoy your walk through our "virtual gallery", and stop back often for updates!

Hartville Elementary artists provide the community with live demonstrations of skills in pattern, color theory, and contout line at the art table! Great work art stars!

Featured 3rd grade artists display their colorful Koi fish based on an ancient Japanese legend of strength, perseverance, and bravery.
art4.JPGLake Local superintendent, Jeff Wendorf, and Lake High School principal, Kevin Tobin, show their support of our young artists and the talents displayed by the Lake Local students.
 Featured second grade art stars smile to be spending the morning creating art and educating the community on the importance of the Arts in Education!
Curriculum director, John McAllister, shows his support for our young artists!
  This young artist confidently demonstrates techniques for creating form in artwork using highlights, shadows, texture, and value! Great work!
Art is important in this family!
Our talented young artist smiles proudly with his mom!
 Former students drop in on the event to show their support for the arts!



September 07
Canton First Friday Host's Lake Elementary Artists in Anderson Creative Art Gallery!

​        It is with great excitement that I announce the following celebration! Selected students from last year’s fifth grade art classes in Miss Stegner’s room were invited to display their September 11th Retrospective artwork at Anderson Creative Gallery in downtown canton for CANTON'S FIRST FRIDAY ART GALLERY HOP. Lake  Elementary School was invited to participate due to our students continued hard work, enthusiasm, and unbelievable efforts toward the arts! We can be so proud of their accomplishments in art, academics, and athletics! Their artwork will be displayed alongside professional artists for the entire Canton community to enjoy!



 The show will be on display through October 1st  at Anderson Creative Art Gallery.  We would love to see you there showing your support for our students while enjoying the arts! ​Anderson Creative is located at 331 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton, OH, 44702 and is open Wednesdays - Saturdays, from 12-5.  More information can be found at​
15.jpg 11.jpg
​            Anderson Creative Gallery Press Release:  For the 10-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks on our country, Anderson Creative and guest curator Dr. Fredlee Votaw have assembled a diverse and unique group of artists, all of whom will reflect upon the events of that day and how they carry a life of their own, differently in each of our memories.  Drawing on work by adult artists who remember the day, 20-year-old artists who were schoolchildren when the attacks happened, and current 5th grade artists who've only heard the events described to them by other people, this installation will showcase the way that images, ideas, people and occurrences get lodged in our reminiscences - and the way that we reconstruct and reshape them based on our own mental and emotional filters.  For a thought-provoking and moving reminder of how this day imprinted itself upon our collective and individual consciences, be sure to spend some time ruminating on your own recollections this month at Anderson Creative.
September 03
Lake Elementary Artists Featured at First Friday in Downtown Canton's Anderson Creative Art Gallery

   Last spring Miss Stegner’s 5th grade art students began an exploration into the history, current events, and impact of the tragic occurrences of September 11th, 2001. The students discussed the unfolding of that day and the forever effects it provoked; changing our daily lives, renewing an appreciation for life, being a caring member of a community, and gratitude for freedom and safety. Students used this historical event to pay tribute to those men, women, and children who so tragically lost their lives that historic day. Through viewing of their artwork, we are encouraged and hopeful for a peaceful tomorrow and a great love of and appreciation for our fellow mankind. 



August 22
Welcome to MISS STEGNER's Art Room!


Welcome artists to an exciting adventure in art! I am very excited to work with you this year as we embark on this fun-filled journey through the arts together! Through this year's art experience students will get the chance to utilize cutting edge technology and express themselves using the arts as a catalyst!
My name is Miss Stegner and I am one of the two art teachers at Hartville and Lake Elementary. I have a passion for sharing my enthusiasm regarding the arts with my students and look forward to a fun filled year of examining professional and historically renowned artists, as well as discussing art concepts, relating our learning to other content areas, and experimenting with a variety of new medias and techniques.
DSC00384_2 (274x400).jpg
Student Goals for Art & Learning!
  • Utilize the 21st century skills of communicating visually and verbally through hands on projects and critiques.
  •  Synthesize art knowledge and apply it to other academic content areas strengthening learning across the curriculum.
  •  Participate in authentic learning experiences that enhance the quality of life, making each day fun and exploratory. 
Prepare for a FUN year together because,




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