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March 17
Mrs. Dills' New Blog!

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Dills' Darlings

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Mrs. Dills' Kindergarten

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April 24
Animal Projects
The students worked so hard on creating their animal projects!  As a class we learned how to notice traits on different animals, create questions that we could research, look up information on the internet, highlight important information, andcreate digital stories. Then the students took their new knowledge home and worked with their families to create some type of display or project to show to the class. 
So far they have been gre
Here are some examples of their work! Click on the links below!


Berkley's presentation

Gabrielle's compliments and questions

Ashlie's Deer Project

Morgan's presentation

Tatum's project




John's Youtube video

John in class

Gwen, first part

Gwen, second part

Aaron youtube video

Aaron at school



Caden's powerpoint at school

Ryleigh's powerpoint at school



Emma's powerpoint at school


102.JPG 092.JPG100.JPG103.JPG


April 04
March Fun!

​Click below to see a slideshow of our March activities!

March slideshow

March 09
Leprechaun Traps

The students decided we should try to catch a leprechaun.  Here are some of the traps we've received so far!
A rainbow and Lucky Charms to entice the Leprechaun.
This one even has a remote!

February 15
February Fun

Click below to see a slideshow of the fun we've had in February so far!  

Feb. Slideshow


January 27
Martin Luther King Jr

The children were so surprised to hear what life was like when Martin Luther King Jr was alive.  We made this movie to show some of the things we learned...Enjoy! Click below!

January 03
January Writing Homework!

Click below to see a 'how to' video for our January writing homework!

January Homework Video

December 21
Happy Holidays!

2011-12-21 09-37-22.357.wmv2011-12-21 09-37-22.357.wmv

Click above to hear a special holiday message from our class!

2011-12-21 09-37-12.476.jpg

November 29
November Fun!

​Check out our November slideshow!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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November 04
October Fun!

​Watch a video of the fun we had in October!

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About this blog
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