Lake Middle School Ski Club Information
  Advisor:  Mr. Pinion (room 229)   
Assistant advisor:  Mr. Benson (room 111)
Assistant Advisor: Mr. Sears (gym)
Ski Club is a great way to try a new life time sport and meet new friends. 
Come join the fun!
We are sorry, but due to scheduling conflicts, winter sport athletes and cheerleaders will not be allowed to sign up for ski club.
Sign up dates: Sign ups occur between Oct. 20th-31st
  • We have only a certain number of spots available. To be fair, students will be placed on the list as they hand in their money.  When the spots are filled, the remainder will be placed on a waiting list. 
  • AFTER you turn in your money you will be given the logon and password information to fill in your registration form online.  This must be done within 5 days of turning in your money! 
  • Remember – turning in your money is what guarantees your spot!  Filling out the form within 5 days will KEEP your spot!
For additional information: Visit the Boston Mills – Brandywine Website
If you have questions, please email an advisor:  
     Mr. Pinion 
     Mr. Benson
Mr. Sears

Lake Middle School Ski Club Information 2014-2015

  •  Sign Up Dates:  The two Weeks of October 20th – 31st.  Monday thru Friday
  • Times for sign-up are during home room. In room 229 Mr. Pinion, room 111 Mr. Benson, gym Mr. Sears
  •   Cost:       With Rental- $259.00 (199 + 60.00(bus)         CHECKS PAYABLE TO:

   Without Rental-   $199.00 (139 + 60.00(bus)      LAKE MIDDLE SCHOOL SKI CLUB                                                   

  • Ski Day   Thursdays- Depart at 3:00 P.M.  Return at 9:00 P.M.

Dates: Jan. 8, 15, 22, 29, Feb. 5                                    Peek N Peak (NY) day trip Feb. 20  (extra charge)

  • Location:  Boston Mills     Snow Boarders Welcome!!! 
  • MONEY GUARENTEES YOUR SPOT! We will fill up and will place anyone that did not make it on a waiting list.   
  •  After you turn in your money you will be given the logon and password information to fill in your registration form online.  This must be done within 5 days of turning in your money!  Remember – turning in your money is what guarantees your spot!  Filling out the online form within 5 days will keep your spot          
  •   **If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF), your account will be debited electronically for both face amount & returned check fees**                          
  • Please check the Ski Club Website often.  Announcements, cancellations, etc. will be posted on the website:, lake middle school.
Guidelines for Ski Club
            The ski club will visit Boston Mills for our five ski trips. Ski passes will be kept by Mr. Pinion until our five ski trips have taken place. You will receive your passes before or during the boarding of the bus each time we travel to Boston Mills. Each time you enter the bus for the return home the passes will be collected. Boston Mills will charge you a fee if this pass is lost.
            We want to make certain that all of our skiing days with the club are pleasant and that you retain your privileges for the entire season. To ensure this, below are basic guidelines and expectations which you are responsible to follow.
1.       Begin loading the buses at 2:45 at Outside Door #15 near Mr. Pinion’s room 229.
2.       You may leave your belongings in Mr. Pinion’s room during ski time if needed.
3.       No student is permitted to use drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes or be under the influence of any while he or she is with the ski club.
4.       You must participate in the ski school lessons, with your appropriate ski group, each time you ski as a club member.
5.       Always follow the rules and procedures of Boston Mills.
6.       Follow all instructions and directions given by advisors, or any of the Boston Mills staff.
7.       Discuss any questions, problems, or concerns with your advisors or someone from the Boston Mills staff.
8.       Do not leave the ski resort grounds at any time during our visit, without direct supervision of an advisor.
9.       You are personally responsible for the care and security of all equipment, owned or rented.
10.     You must be on the bus to depart at 8:00. If you are late, your skiing time will be shortened by one hour during your next visit.
11.     Respect all skiers, advisors, and staff at all times. Follow rules, directions and ski etiquette in general.
12.     Absolutely no one will ever be permitted to drive to Boston Mills. No one will be allowed to stay at Boston Mills past 8:00.
13.     All school policies and code of conduct apply while at ski club.  Any violations will be handled with the appropriate principal the following school day.
14.     Students with grades below D may lose the opportunity to participate in the end of the year ski trip.
15.     Have a great time making new friends and learning a lifetime ski!
Final Note: Your ski privileges can be suspended or revoked for the year by advisors, or any of the Boston Mills staff. This would happen as a consequence of your choice to not follow the rules or by being disruptive.


Please have the permission slip signed and returned with your payment the weeks of Oct. 20th – 31st.



Lake Middle School Ski Club Permission Slip

_______________________Grade______ has my permission to rock the Lake Middle School Ski Club

For the 2014-2015 school year. We will ski at Boston Mills for five Thursday evenings beginning on January 8th 2015.  We will leave Lake High School at 3:00pm and return around 8:50pm.  The students will be traveling on a private charter/tour bus.  The student must bring money for his/her own food or pack a dinner.  Please be reminded that all school rules are in effect for all ski club related functions.     

In the event of a medical emergency, Ski Patrol may make the decision to transport your child to a hospital. As advisors, we do not have the authority to over-ride their decisions.  Effort will be made to contact you prior to departure, but the level of urgency may make that difficult.  After arriving at the hospital, it will be the responsibility of the parent to drive to the hospital to attend to their child. 

Date Permission Granted__________  Parent Signature ________________________