Junior Service Club
Advisors: Mrs. Stephens and Mr. Sommers  (Guidance Office)
Junior Service is an organization that services people in the local community. Working through the school system, our students are provided with wonderful opportunities for community service and a sense of joy when helping to provide items for those that might be less fortunate.
Representatives from each homeroom attend meetings and keep their homeroom classmates informed of JSC projects but everyone here at the middle school is part of JSC.
Our main focus is serving families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. We  host a food drive during the month of November.  For the Christmas season, we sponsor families from the area to provide both gifts and food.  This  is the busiest time of year for JSC and the homeroom representatives.
JSC also assists students with school supplies, and helps local families with specific needs throughout the year.
Help raise funds for LMS JR SERVICE CLUB:
LMS Jr. Service Club has an account at Twice Is Nice Consignments.
60% of consignments sold under the JSC account will go to fund JSC projects

Twice Is Nice Consignments is located at
1138 W. Maple Street, Suite D (Rte 619), in Hartville.
Check out their website at www.hartvilletwiceisnice.com
Items are accepted Monday through Saturday 10:00 am up till 1 hour before closing
Monday & Thursday 10-7
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 10-5
Closed Sunday
• Only season appropriate & upcoming season clothing, shoes & purses in NEXT to NEW condition are accepted. Retro & Vintage MUST be in wearable condition.
• Items must be: freshly laundered, pressed, on hangers and purchased new within the last 1- 2 years.
• The better they look the quicker they sell.
• Items must be free of stains, odors , and pet hair.
• Brand & size labels must be intact.
• The market for men's clothing is geared towards the high school/ college age since this is what sells.
• Children’s clothing under size 12 is not accepted.