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January 23
PTO Minutes January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014
Called to order at 2:35
Meeting Place: room 172

No addition or corrections

Treasurers Report: 12/9 Beginning Balance $29113.26, 3 teachers reimbursed @$50 each, ck3242 Richies Sporting Goods ($3840), ck 3243 Nicole Taylor microwave ( $47.92), ck 3245 Heather Reynolds Sunshine ($32.80), ck 3246 Sandi Schoeppner fundraiser reimburse ($30), deposit book memorial $13, deposit Santa shop $7045.89, ck 3248 Santa shop ($6130.14) Ending Balance: 1/7/14 $25,941.29

*Birthday Memorial: nothing new to report
*Book Fair: nothing new to report
*Celebration of Learning: don't know if we will have dunk tank, maybe add music, Jenny Anderson will come and discuss next month
*Fundraiser: limo ride February 27th during lunch, $ machine February 13th during lunch, no entertainment card, Zappa snack coming up
*Hospitality: conference dinner February 6th
*Membership: nothing new to report
*Nominating: nothing new to report
*Popcorn: $180 all profit more than last month
*Rebate: $683 box tops
*Santa Shop: next year combining with Hartville will be buying everything, not using a company
*Scholarships: will take applications to high school next month
* Schwans: $115 send out a reminder to parents
*Spirit Wear: couple things still need exchanged, parents appreciate getting the discount, couple parents did not like logo
*Sunshine: sent cards to families who had parents pass
*Yearbook: everything going great
*Principals report: if we want to do craft show next year need to start working on that,remind conference coming up
*Teachers report: discussed teachers pay teachers
*Old/New business: academic awards have kids have donuts after announcements, give award in gym around 8:35 in front of students and parents

November 01
October 21 PTO Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2013
Called to order at 2:30
Meeting Place: room 172

No additions or corrections

Treasurer Report: 9/8/13- beginning balance 5,464,.40, Checks for room parties:$840, Checks for sunshine and birthday: 360, deposit for flags: $145, deposit birthday memorial: $6, deposit for fundraiser: 29,192.50, teacher reimbursement ( T. Prince): $50, check for new deposit stamp:$18, teacher reimbursement ( K.Gibbs) $50, check to State Farm (bond) $90, deposit October Popcorn: $193.55, deposit for membership & parties $2446.50
Ending balance: $36,455.95

Birthday Memorial: nothing to report

Book Fair: $7680, teachers $100 in books, library $1700

Celebration of Learning: nothing to report

Fundraiser: November 13th delivery scheduled, top 2 classes are Wernet $2340.50, Nash $2268.50: each class gets a pizza party and the teachers get $25 in supplies
Phone app. For entertainment book $20 for 1 yr we get $8

Membership: still getting money in

Nominating: nothing to report

Popcorn: went very smooth

Rebate offers: lots of help no one has redeemed points since 2009 for have
Over 34,000 points to use

Scholarships: nothing to report

Schwan's: online, we get credit for 1 yr

Spirit wear: remind parents with facebook and email,have over 25 order so far, will schedule a pick up day beginning of December, he will deliver and help sort

Sunshine: nothing to report

Yearbook: Candids December 20th
principals report: thanks for the dinner during conferences, cookies and canvas will be in the paper

Teachers report: thanks for the book fair money it was nice everyone got same amount, Mrs Prince: " thanks for the dinner, the book fair money and birthday gift it's the little things that matter"

Old/new business: parties: parents can get in a 12:45 party starts at 1:00 over at 1:45 limit 5 parents per party the office will have a master list with parents names

Playground: applying for grant that will match what we have raised, with artwork for around playground, January 25 th high school students holding a spaghetti dinner to help raise money for playground

September 15
September 9 PTO Meeting Minutes

Lake Elementary PTO Minutes
September 9, 2013
Meeting Place: room 172
Secretary: Mandi Stephenson

Present at the meeting: Nicole Taylor, Mandi Stephenson, Amy Kunes, Donna Brunner, Kelly Simmons, Angie Linsky, Kathy Martin, Yvette Ballard, Sarah Wernet, Jenny Anderson

Meeting called to order at 2:30
Minutes accepted
Corrections: Celebration of Learning is May 27th not April 17th

Treasurer Report: beginning balance $4,181.26, $ -40.21 ( gift card for Susan Burkett and new student postcards), deposit $999 ( membership and room parties), deposit $ 35 ( flag sales), deposit $20 ( fundraising donation) check 3186 Ms. Ballard -$50 ( teacher reimbursement), deposit $120 (membership and parties), deposit $199.35 (popcorn) Balance as of 9/8/13 $5,464.40

*Birthday: new birthday packets have been made and will go out
*Book Fair: October 15-22
*Celebration of Learning: May 27,2014, want to add new thing for older kids, hair spray paint, different bounce houses
*Fundraiser: 2 new co/chairs Colby Osmundson and Kari Bittner. They will be helping Angie Linsky. Would like to sell entertainment book phone apps. Last 1 yr. will start end of October or beginning of November.
*Hospitality: fall social will be September 17,2013
*Membership: deposit $1,119
*Nominating: nothing to report
*Popcorn: 1st popcorn day $199.35, there will be a sign up sheet where teachers can pick a time to have popcorn delivered. Cut off will be 10:30
*Rebate Offers: redoing rebate Forman email is being sent to Denise and she will send out to all the parents
*Scholarships: nothing to report
*Schwan's: there will be no more catalogs,truck will not be outside anymore. Starting in October you can order online, more info to come
*Spirit Wear: October 15-24, we are switching from Beattys to Richies, new designs and he will deliver to the school. We can send home with kids or there will be times for parent to come pick up.
*Sunshine: Heather Reynolds; gift cards for birthdays, sent out new student postcards, gift card for Susan Burkett, over summer Amy Nash's father passed away, heather Harms father and father-in-law passed away.
*Principals report: great bunch of kids,thankful for all the work PTO does, going to be great year!
*Teachers report: turn in your reimbursement receipts up to $50 by February.
* Old/New business: next meeting October 21st

August 28
LE PTO Meeting Dates

​All meetings will be held in the library, which is on the 2nd floor of Lake Elementary.

Sept. 9th at 2:30
Oct. 21st at 2:30
Nov. 11th at 6:00 pm
Dec. 9th at 2:30
Jan.13th at 2:30
Feb.10th at 2:30
Mar. 10th at 6:00 pm
Apr. 14th at 2:30
May 12th at 2:30


August 18
PTO Minutes from August 7, 2013

                                 Meeting Place: School Library

                                Secretary: Mandi Stephenson

Present at the meeting: Nicole Taylor, Amy Kunes, Mandi Stephenson, Kathy Martin, Stefanie Brophy, Aimee Ek, Heather Reynolds, Michele Minor, Donna Bruner, Denise Karmie


Meeting called to order at 11:35

Minutes accepted as is


Treasurer Report: Amy Kunes

   *balance:  $4278.72, need to deposit $62.16 from Tyson


Birthday Memorial: Aimee Ek

   *redoing the forms for this year

 Book Fair: Jodi Stephens & Tina Rayman

 Celebration of Learning:  Jenny Anderson

   *April 17, 2014

 Fundraiser: Angie Linsky

   * Still need a co-chair

   * Great Western will start August 29th; it will be set up on Meet the Teacher night for the parents to look at

 Hospitality: Stefanie Brophy

   * Fall social will be September17th

 Membership: Stefanie Brophy

 Nominating: Debbie Marshal

 Popcorn: Kathy Martin

  *1st Friday of the month

  * it is now a PTO fundraiser not student council

  * it is moved to the teachers lounge and cost is .50

  * We will need 2-3 helpers who need to be at the school by 7:30

 Rebate Offers: Stefanie Brophy

  * will high school kids to help cut labels for community service hrs

 Scholarship: Mandi Stephenson

  * need to find a place to hang scholarship plaques

 Schwan’s:  Shannon Miller

*figure out a way to send home 1 cataloge per family

 *remind parents on facebook page

 Spirit Wear: Michele Minor

  *October 15-24 forms will go out the week before

  *will talk to Eric at Beatty’s about using Hanes so we can get box tops

 Sunshine: Heather Reynolds

 Yearbook: Kris Pindel

  * looking for helpers

 Principal’s Report:  PTO donated $6000 for technology updates and computers. This year would like PTO to donate to the playground fund

 Teacher’s Report: Mrs. Kurkow has asked the PTO to donate $60 for curriculum update called Pay Teachers

 Old/New Business: The PTO will be putting together a family night basket to be auctioned off at the carnival to benefit Uniontown teacher Emily Lavy.



July 30
2013-2014 Lake Elementary PTO Officers

Lake Elementary PTO is preparing for another GREAT school year! They have many ideas and are looking for more parent volunteers to help with projects. Feel free to contact any of the officers listed below.

PTO officers for the 2013-2014 school year:

President: Nicole Taylor

Secretary: Mandy Stephenson

Treasurer: Amy Kunes

The PTO Fall Social is Tuesday, September 17, 2013 from 6:30-7:30 in the Lake Elementary cafeteria. Please mark your calendar and join us for an evening of planning and coordinating events for the school year.

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