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April 07
March PTO Minutes

Lake Elementary PTO Minutes March 3,2015
Called to order 2:33

Treasurer's Report
: starting balance $9,546.98 deposits $7101.65 expenses $536.86 ending balance $16,111.77
Savings $3556.26

Celebration of Learning: May 26th

Fundraising: pick up was March 18th

Hospitality: Provided lunch for for teachers the 3 Wednesdays during testing

Popcorn: cafeteria is working out great

Rebates: keep sending down box tops as they come in.. Acme receipts finished in February about $2800

Scholarships: applications due back March 26th, interviews will be in April

Schwan: not going very well

Sunshine: sent a gift card to family of 5th grader who lost his mom
Yearbook: there will be a copy to look over in the lounge

Teacher Reps: thank you for everything, Kent State went great, 4th grade going to MAPS in May

New/old Business: sucker sales again in May
Teacher appreciation May 4-8
Luncheon May 19th?

 thank you for support with field trips 


March 05
February PTO Minutes

Lake Elementary PTO Minutes
February 3,2015
Called to order at 6:05

Treasurer's Report: starting balance $16,158.58, deposits $1,448.29, expenses $8059.89, ending balance $9546.98, Savings $3556.26

Fundraising: selling suckers, will set up 2 tables, Zappa Snack starts the 20th. Sell 1 item get a candy bar, sell $100 get Lake socks, we pay half of the cost. March 18th stuff comes in

Hospitality: March there is lots of testing, provide a treat 1 day a week for the teachers. Conference dinner was the 12th, baked potatoes and soups

Popcorn: things are going great

Rebates: keep sending down as they come in.. Acme receipts finish in February

Room Parents: party Friday February the 13th

Scholarships: applications go out in February, will collect Thursday before spring break

Schwan: got a check for $1.45

Sunshine: Mrs. Hetler is having a baby

Teacher Reps: thank you for everything, 5th is going to Kent State Planitarium, 4th grade would like to go to MAPS Museum can we come up with a way to help with the cost

New/old Business: thinking about selling trash bags next year, Mr. Monty went to the middle school, verbally thanked us for the gift

Principal: thank you for everything, and when we set up sucker sales please do not set up near cafeteria or recess

March 05
Letter from Mrs. Bruner

February 20, 2015
Dear Families,
We greatly appreciate the support you have provided your child and our school district this school year!  As we conclude this year, planning has begun for the 2015-2016 school year. 
At Lake Elementary, we have dedicated staff members who strive to provide a successful learning environment for all students.  Each year, we reflect upon our best practices and focus on making our school even better.  All classrooms at Lake Elementary promote and exhibit 21st century learning.  Fourth and fifth grade teachers meet regularly to plan each unit of study.  Through this collaboration, all students benefit from lessons and projects created.
A great deal of time and consideration is given to the classroom placement of each student.  To assist in this process, both Uniontown and Hartville Elementary School teachers provide us with information regarding each student’s needs, personality, and learning style.  We value your input.  However, we ask your support in not requesting a particular teacher for your child.  If you wish to provide input, we ask that you avoid using teacher names.  Instead, please focus on aspects that lead to your child having a positive academic experience.  We have found that most teacher requests are based on hearsay, reputation, or the fact that other children may have had success, or not, with a particular staff member.  This does not necessarily guarantee the same outcome for a different child, with unique needs, personality, and learning style.  For siblings in the same grade level, we place them on the same team in order to ensure that assignments will be alike.  However, siblings will not be placed in the same homeroom in order to provide independence throughout the school day. 
If there is additional information which you feel should be considered in placing your child, please let me know in writing by Friday, March 13th. 
Donna Bruner, Principal
Lake Elementary

February 23
PARCC Testing Letter from Mrs. Bruner


Dear Families,
In 2014-2015, the PARCC (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Career) will replace the former statewide assessments. Students will be testing during the first three weeks of March. If you are scheduling appointments during these weeks, please try to schedule them after 11:00 AM. If your child will be out any of these mornings, please let your child’s teacher know ahead of time so we can arrange a make-up time for your child.
The purpose of the PARCC “is to provide quality assessments of students’ progress towards secondary readiness and success.” With the results, we can adjust our curriculum plan considering the progress of each student. These assessments do not determine students’ grades or placements for next year.
All teachers have prepared students for the assessments. Students should feel comfortable because they have experienced several assessments similar to the PARCC. Students are encouraged to bring their own ear buds to use during the assessments. We will have disposable ear buds for students who are unable to bring their own set. You can help your child be prepared by:
    • Making sure your child gets plenty of rest.
    • Making sure your child eats a good breakfast.
    • Making sure your child is here on time every morning during the assessments.
    • Encouraging your child to do his/her best work.
    • Reassuring your child; they do not need to feel stress, help them stay relaxed.
Please send a healthy snack and (100%) juice box/pouch with your child on each day of the assessments to provide an extra brain-boost. Thank you for helping us to promote positive attitudes and excellent attendance. We appreciate the efforts of our families and students.
Mrs. Bruner, Principal                                Miss Sloan, School Counselor


January 07
December PTO Minutes

Lake Elementary PTO Minutes
December 2,2014
Called to order at 2:33
No additions or corrections

Treasurer's Report:

Birthday Memorial: forms going out deposit $6
Fundraising: Jessica Rhodes top winner of ipad, skymax was December 19th schedule magician in morning. Need to set date for spring fundraiser
Popcorn: going great
Rebates: please send down when you get them, don't hold on to them
Santa Shop: doing with Hartville, will do deposit at end of the week when it's over
School Spirit: separated Thursday delivered Friday
Schwann: got 45% till December 15th after that 20%
Sunshine: Kelly Simmons got engaged.
Yearbook: groups are done candies in January. Kris Pindel will put classroom photos in teachers box to be proofed

Teacher Reps: is there money to buy a new paper cutter?
Principal: nothing to report

December 17
Newsletter from Mrs. Bruner

Dear Parents,
Happy New Year to everyone! We continue to focus on our school mission in 2015: Preparing All Students for Success! We have had a wonderful first half of this school year and I am sure that the second half will be even better. There are several fun and exciting activities and events planned for the school year. Here are some upcoming events in January and February:
Jan. 6- PTO Meeting at 2:30
Jan. 9- Popcorn Day
Jan. 15- Report Cards
Jan. 16- NO SCHOOL for students
Jan. 19- NO SCHOOL: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Feb. 6- Popcorn Day
Feb. 10 & 12- Conferences 2:30-6:00
Feb. 13- Valentine’s Day Party at 1:15
Feb. 16- NO SCHOOL: Presidents’ Day
As winter is upon us please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for recess. I recommend a warm hat, gloves, and even boots, especially on snowy days. We try to go outside as much as possible. We only stay in if the wind chill is below 20 degrees. There will be no school for students on January 16th and January 19th.
Donna Bruner

October 15
Testing Changes from ODE

Testing info 2014.PNG

October 02
Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up!  October 15, 21 and 23.  Please sign up with your child's team of teacher's at

my conference Time.JPG

September 12
September Newsletter from Mrs. Bruner

Dear Parents,
It is hard to believe that we already have been in school for a few weeks. The students are adjusting very well to the schedule and the intermediate grade levels. They are an inspiration to have in the building. We are very proud of our students and their accomplishments thus far.
Just a friendly reminder that our students start their day promptly at 7:35 AM. Students need to be in their homerooms by 7:35 AM to avoid being marked tardy. Fourth graders have lunch at 10:40 AM and fifth graders have lunch at 11:50 AM. Our dismissal time is at 2:12 PM. The school office hours are from 7:00 AM-3:00 PM. For safety and security reasons, parents are not able to enter Hartville Elementary to come to Lake Elementary.
Our vision is Excellence in Academics, Arts and Athletics and our mission is Preparing All Students for Success. Lake Elementary has received extremely high academic ratings and has performed in the top 3% of the schools in the state of Ohio. We continuously strive to be the best and we could not achieve these accomplishments without the consistent support from parents. A close partnership between home and school is one of our strengths at Lake Elementary School.
One of the most important components of a good school is parents and staff who work together with the best interest of children in mind. Please consider attending the first Community Dialogue meeting on Monday, October 6 at 6:00 PM in the Lake High School cafeteria. Your input regarding the future of Lake Local Schools is vital to our continued success.
If I can do anything to ensure your child has a successful school year, please feel free to contact me at or 330-877-4276.
Donna Bruner

May 09
Hartville & Lake Elementary Student Artwork Purchased for Akron Children’s Hospital’s Permanent Display!


Hartville & Lake Elementary Student Artwork Purchased for Akron Children’s Hospital’s Permanent Display!


CONGRATULATIONS to fourteen of Miss Stegner's and Mrs. Susa’s outstanding elementary school artists! These student's created artwork that was viewed, selected, and purchased, by Akron Children's Hospital Art Director, Mr. Ron Beahn, to be professionally framed, matted, and hung, as part of the permanent collection for the new wing of the hospital! We are so proud of our young artists for creating, selling, and experiencing the role of a real life artist before they've even left elementary school! Work will be hung and displayed as part of the permanent collection by February of 2015.  Our student artists are incredible workers and we would like to extend our enthusiastic congratulations for their efforts all year, and for representing the talents of Lake Local students to the surrounding community.


Congratulations to the following artists:
5th graders:
Arianna Bloom
Brooklynn Terranova
Aryn McCaslin
Marissa Kunes
Zion Casenhiser
Paige Brophy
Drew DeGeorge
Samantha Abate
Gavin Welch
4th graders:
Morgan Lewis
Jacob Behrend
3rd Graders:
Cami Changet
Naomi Sutton
Maria Phillips
To view some of the purchased artwork you may visit Miss. Stegner's Art Page!


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