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March 05
February PTO Minutes

Lake Elementary PTO Minutes
February 3,2015
Called to order at 6:05

Treasurer's Report: starting balance $16,158.58, deposits $1,448.29, expenses $8059.89, ending balance $9546.98, Savings $3556.26

Fundraising: selling suckers, will set up 2 tables, Zappa Snack starts the 20th. Sell 1 item get a candy bar, sell $100 get Lake socks, we pay half of the cost. March 18th stuff comes in

Hospitality: March there is lots of testing, provide a treat 1 day a week for the teachers. Conference dinner was the 12th, baked potatoes and soups

Popcorn: things are going great

Rebates: keep sending down as they come in.. Acme receipts finish in February

Room Parents: party Friday February the 13th

Scholarships: applications go out in February, will collect Thursday before spring break

Schwan: got a check for $1.45

Sunshine: Mrs. Hetler is having a baby

Teacher Reps: thank you for everything, 5th is going to Kent State Planitarium, 4th grade would like to go to MAPS Museum can we come up with a way to help with the cost

New/old Business: thinking about selling trash bags next year, Mr. Monty went to the middle school, verbally thanked us for the gift

Principal: thank you for everything, and when we set up sucker sales please do not set up near cafeteria or recess


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