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March 05
Letter from Mrs. Bruner

February 20, 2015
Dear Families,
We greatly appreciate the support you have provided your child and our school district this school year!  As we conclude this year, planning has begun for the 2015-2016 school year. 
At Lake Elementary, we have dedicated staff members who strive to provide a successful learning environment for all students.  Each year, we reflect upon our best practices and focus on making our school even better.  All classrooms at Lake Elementary promote and exhibit 21st century learning.  Fourth and fifth grade teachers meet regularly to plan each unit of study.  Through this collaboration, all students benefit from lessons and projects created.
A great deal of time and consideration is given to the classroom placement of each student.  To assist in this process, both Uniontown and Hartville Elementary School teachers provide us with information regarding each student’s needs, personality, and learning style.  We value your input.  However, we ask your support in not requesting a particular teacher for your child.  If you wish to provide input, we ask that you avoid using teacher names.  Instead, please focus on aspects that lead to your child having a positive academic experience.  We have found that most teacher requests are based on hearsay, reputation, or the fact that other children may have had success, or not, with a particular staff member.  This does not necessarily guarantee the same outcome for a different child, with unique needs, personality, and learning style.  For siblings in the same grade level, we place them on the same team in order to ensure that assignments will be alike.  However, siblings will not be placed in the same homeroom in order to provide independence throughout the school day. 
If there is additional information which you feel should be considered in placing your child, please let me know in writing by Friday, March 13th. 
Donna Bruner, Principal
Lake Elementary


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