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April 02
Hartville PTO March 2013


Hartville Elementary PTO Minutes


Date: 3/6/13


Meeting Place: Teacher’s Lounge


(Meeting minutes taken by Jenny Anderson)
The meeting was called to order at 3:38 p.m.
Attendees: Michelle Fedor, Jessica Swartz, Jenny Anderson, Krista Trent, Brian Collins, Holly Collins, Lee Knepp, Monica Westhoven, Angel Harbaugh
«  Secretary: WE NEED ONE! 
-          No corrections or additions to the minutes
-          Accepted as read
«  Treasurer’s Report: Jessica Swartz
-          Ending Balance as of 2/28/13: $24,210.65
-          Zap-A-Snack Fundraiser approximately $3,000 went to Mrs. Harbaugh
«  Corresponding Secretary: Lisa Finefrock
-          Send baby books to Mrs. McClary’s new baby girl
-          $25 to Grega family
-          $25 to Triplett family
-          Sent Mrs. Wegner a card after surgery
«  Birthday Memorial: Mandi Stephenson
-          Wrapping up in April
-          ½ birthdays were sent out last fall
-          Any extra birthday memorial money will be used to buy a gift certificate at Wise Owl or Creative Curriculum for Mrs. Beachy
«  Book Fair: Michelle Fedor & Krista Trent
-          We sold almost $8,000 in books this year!  Over $10,000 when we include the books in the buy 2, get 1 free deal
-          When you combine the fall and spring book fairs, we received approximately $6,500 in free books for our school!
-          Class teachers received $100 in free books, Title teachers received $50 in free books, and $1,800 worth of books went to Mrs. Beachy!
«  Carnival: Jenny Anderson, Michelle Fedor, Melissa Anderson, Jessica Swartz, Jennifer Marshall
-          Wednesday, March 13th at 1:00 p.m. Head Room Parents are gathering in the auditorium to assemble the blind auction baskets
-          We’ve pre-sold 1,810 game tickets as of today
-          35 donations for cake walk as of today drop off at Door 4 on the 3/15/13
«  Fundraising: Melissa Anderson
-          We received $292 from our McDonald’s fundraiser night - another one is being set up for fall 2013
-          We plan to do Read, Move & Groove again this fall
-          3 leftover Kidstuff books will be raffled off at the carnival
-          Zap A Snack fundraiser will be in on Tuesday 3/12 - We need parent volunteers to help distribute.  Pick up is in the cafeteria beginning at 1:30
«  Hospitality: Karla Radar
-          Teacher appreciation luncheon will be in May
«  Nominating: Peg Abhel
-          Updated nominating forms will go home after Spring Break
«  Popcorn: Michelle Fedor
-          On 3/1 we popped 300 bags of popcorn profited $148
-          April 5th will be the last popcorn day
-          May 3 will be a PTO sponsored Slushy Day for Right to Read Week!  No cost to students/staff
«  Publicity: Mary Pastore
-          Kaeden Green won 2nd place overall in the Arts for Stark Art Show!
-          Carnival is coming up on Friday, March 15th
«  Rebates: Billy Jo Muckley & Kelly McNamara
-          Hartville Elementary collected $1,100 in ACME receipts!
-          Over 10,000 BoxTops and Campbell’s labels were mailed in at the end of February!
«  Scholarship: Mandi Stephenson
-          H.E. PTO will give two $1,000 scholarships this year 
-          Applications are due 3/18
-          Interviews will take place soon after the deadline
«  Schwan’s: Krista Trent
-          Next sale is 3/19 - Pre-orders are due 3/15
-          Last sale we only made $80.56 and we split that with Lake Elementary
-          Catalogs are expensive so we will only send them home once every two months
«  Yearbook: Jenny Miller & Michelle Fedor
-          Please remind parents about ordering yearbooks
-          Our yearbook order needs to be submitted before spring break!
«  Celebration of Learning: Jenny Anderson
-          5/22 is Hartville’s Celebration of Learning
-          Same as last year inflatables, dunk tank, cotton candy, sno cones, popcorn and face painting
-          Lunch may be a little different this year
-          We will ask parents to participate in the dunk tank as well as teachers
«  Teacher Reps:
-          Mr. Knepp: Thank you for the 3rd grade send-off shirts!
-          Mrs. Collins: We love desserts on Wednesdays!  Thank you for conference dinners!  Thank you for book from Scholastic book fair!
-          Mr. Collins: Ask teachers more if you need help with things!  Suggested asking teachers to give PTO the names of 3 good parent volunteers to contact about helping with PTO. Thanks!
-          Mrs. Westhoven: Thank you for everything!
«  New Business:
-          Michelle and Mrs. Harbaugh had a meeting about moving forward with a new playground
-          We explained the “Blind Auction” which will replace the silent auction at the carnival - Hopefully we will increase bids this way
-          Next Board Meeting is Monday, March 18th at 6:30 p.m.
«  Principal, Angel Harbaugh:
-          Thanks for everything!  Hoping the carnival is a big success!
Next Meeting: April 3rd at 3:30 p.m.
Meeting concluded at 4:25 p.m.


March 05
PTO News

Hartville PTO Minutes

Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Meeting Place: In Teacher’s Lounge
Recording Secretary: (Michelle Fedor)
Meeting called to order at 7:04pm
Present: Jessica Swartz, Melissa Anderson, Michelle Fedor, Cindy Mullen, Angel Harbaugh, Julie Soduk, Lori Hart, Katy Yoder and Karla Rader
v  Treasurer’s Report: Jessica Swartz
       Ending Balance as of 1/31/13 : $16,606.46
v  Corresponding Secretary: Lisa Finefrock
       Grega family - send gift card for a dinner
       Valerie in Mrs. Mullen’s room having surgery
v  Birthday Memorial: Mandi Stephenson
       Mrs. Beachy will purchase books at the Book Fair
v  Book Fair: Michelle Fedor & Krista Trent
       currently going on now
       open all nights of conferences too
v  Carnival: Angie Linsky, Jenny Anderson, Michelle Fedor
       Carnival will be on March 15
       working on volunteer flyer, game coupons and grade level basket list
       We will need teachers help with games and food
       All items will be collected for the baskets by Wednesday 3/13 and they will be put together with help from head room parents
v  Fundraising: Melissa Anderson
*    upcoming Carnival, zap a snack : process orders for Angel and collect money, McDonald’s 2/12, and next year????
v  Hospitality: Karla Rader
·         Dazzling Desserts continues
·         conference dinner tomorrow night
·         Teacher Appreciation Luncheon coming in May
v  Nominating: Peg Ahbel
       Forms being updated
       They will go home with K-2
v  Popcorn/ Sno cones: Michelle Fedor

·         $119 this month

v  Publicity: Mary Pastore
       upcoming variety show
v  Rebates: BillieJo Muckley
·         Acme receipts are due NOW.  Send home reminder to send in all remaining rebate offers by end of February.
·         we need help cutting and sorting
v  Scholarship: Mandi Stephenson
       applications are ready to go to high school
v  Schwan’s: Shannon Miller
·         no catalogs this month, 1/2 sheet of paper with id # and ordering information
v  Yearbook: Angie Linsky & Michelle Fedor
       need each teacher to submit approx. 15 photos
       flyers in and being sent home mid Feb.   orders due 3/13 $15 each
Teacher Reps:
New Business:
Board meeting Monday, 2/11
Old Business: Remind parents that Kindergarten Registration is underway.
Principal: Angel Harbaugh
·         Thank you!!  Amazed at what PTO does!
·         (Minutes are available online)
Next Meeting: March 6 at 3:30pm

Meeting concluded at 7:52


February 04
PTO Meeting

Just a reminder about the upcoming PTO meeting this
Wednesday, Feb. 6 at 7pm in the Hartville Elementary teacher's lounge.


Carnival time!!!  We need lots of help getting donations!  Please consider helping with this.  We will be discussing the carnival, current book fair, yearbook and upcoming Zap-a-snack fundraiser for Mrs. Harbaugh.  Nominations for next year will be going out soon too.


We hope to see you Wed.  


January 04
PTO Minutes December 2012

Hartville PTO Minutes

Date: 12/05/12
Meeting Place: Teacher’s Lounge
 (Meeting Minutes taken by Brenda Schans)
The meeting was called to order at: 3:37p.m.

No corrections or additions to the minutes. 

·         Treasurer: Jessica Swartz:
·     Treasurer’s Report: Beginning Balance: $21,308.27   Outgoing checks: $4,247.82, Ending Balance:  $23,235.89   Savings:  $601.34
·     Teachers need to hand in receipts by the end of January
          Corresponding Secretary: Lisa Finefrock:
·     Debbie King’s mom passed away
·     Riley Dinger – broken foot
·         Birthday Memorial: Mandi Stephenson:
·     Collected over $80
·         Fundraising: Melissa Anderson:
·     Kidstuff finished:  6 books out that need returned.
·         Book Fair:
·     $550 on Wednesday!  $150 on Tuesday.
·     Over $2K for the week in sales and we will get 50% back in books!
·         Hospitality: Karla Radar:
      No report
  ·         Santa Shop: Tina Suppes:
·     Sold over 2000 items in 3 days
·     8 more classes yet to shop
·     Need someone to take over in 2 years
  ·         Breakfast with Santa:
·     Over 200 kids registered
·     Doing Around the World
  ·         Popcorn/Sno Kones: Michelle Fedor:
·     Friday, 12/14
 ·             Publicity: Mary Pastore
·     Pic from contest winner for ornament
o  Mrs.  Kull and Mrs. Kostiuk had winners:  Best Recycled and Best with Nature products
·         Rebate: Billy Joe Muckley & Kelly McNamara:
·     Not a lot in yet – get with teacher for each grade
·          Room Parents: Brenda Schans:    No report
·         School Spirit: Jennifer Marshall and Mary Pastore:
·     In today – If picking up from Beatty’s – they will call you
·         Schwan’s: Krista Trent:
·     No catalog due to the storm
·     Same as November
·     12/18 pickup
·         Special Services: Jessica Swartz:
      No report
·         Yearbook: Jenny Miller and Michelle Fedor:
·     Photos posted online
·      Verify photos with names, etc.
    ·         Teacher Representatives: 
·     Kindergarten: Mrs. McClary – Thanks for the help with the Thanksgiving Feast.  Also  they are wanting to purchase shirts for the spring program. 
·     1st Grade:   Mrs. Kull – Thanks for all the wonderful things – clinic, bathroom, lounge, etc.  Thank you!
·     2nd Grade:  Mr. Klein
·     3rd Grade:  Mrs. Mullen – Thank you for the great items at the Santa Shop! 
·     Other teachers:
§ Mrs. Swindell-thank you for the items and volunteers at Santa Shop.  Having a blast!  Good stuff!!
§ Mr. Carter
·         Old Business:
·         Principal: Angel Harbaugh:
·     Thank you!  The community has helped with low income families for Santa Shop!  Everyone is able to participate! 
·     Using money for :
o  Kindergarten got 2 iPads and screencovers and grip covers
o  1st grade: iTunes gift cards for Apps
o  2nd grade: Maybe books
o  3rd grade: Books
·         Old Business:
·     Carnival will be March 15th
·     If fundraiser does well in the Fall – PTO will sponsor dollar amount/grade for each grade to decide what to do i.e. field trips, etc. 
Meeting adjourned at 4:01 PM
Hartville Elementary Teacher Lounge
Next Meeting: January 3

October 04
PTO Minutes 10-3-12


Hartville PTO Minutes


Date: 10/03/12
Meeting Place: Teacher’s Lounge


 (Meeting Minutes taken by Brenda Schans)


The meeting was called to order at: 3:37 p.m.
No corrections or additions to the minutes.  Accepted by Jenny Anderson and Brenda Schans
·         Treasurer: Jessica Swartz:
·         Treasurer’s Report: Beginning Balance: $719.45 Outgoing checks: $2,470.73, Ending Balance: $17,794.89, Savings: $601.34
·         Purchased popcorn supply for the year
·         Over 50% of parents participated in PTO drive so there will be a mega recess
o   Membership was $1114.70 last year; this year it was $1193.25
          Corresponding Secretary: Lisa Finefrock:
·         Get well cards sent to Mrs. Adams’ and Mrs. Mitchell
·         Get well cards sent to students in Mr. Collins and Mrs. Nalepa’s class
·         Birthday Memorial: Mandi Stephenson:
·         No report
·         Fundraising: Melissa Anderson:
·         Read, Move & Groove Friday, September 14th:
o   Fantastic Results!!  Comments received from teachers- great feedback. 
o   Raised much more than our goal.  Goal was $10,000, it raised over $17,000!
o   75% student participation in raising funds
·         Fundraiser at Hartville McDonalds on Thursday, October 4th
o   This is a conference night!
o   McDonalds will donate 15% of all sales between the hours of 4 8 p.m. to Hartville Elementary PTO.
·         KidStuff Book we will be running this fundraiser in November.  All coupons are valid until 12/31/13.  Books go home Nov 5th.
·         Steve Garrett with Award Fundraising brought samples and flyers for the spring Principal Fundraiser.  40% of proceeds go to the school. 
o   Can have samples for Feb. Conferences
·         Hospitality: Karla Radar:
·         PTO will be providing dinner to the teachers on October 9th during conferences.   
·         Great job on the tea!!
  ·         Santa Shop: Tina Suppes:
·         Tina needs a co-chair because she will be working 3 days of the sale. 
·         We have over 3500 items priced and ready but still in need of men’s items
·         Santa’s breakfast is being done by Food Services
·         Need someone to be Santa and Mrs. Claus The couple that has done it in the past no longer doing it - Mrs. Claus passed away and Santa is not doing well. 
·         Because of An Angel photography taking photos at breakfast
  ·         Popcorn/Sno Kones: Michelle Fedor:
·         Next Popcorn Day is Friday, October 5th.  Popcorn is $.25/bag. 
·         Free popcorn for 3rd graders because they waited for their charms for the fundraiser. 
·         Email reminders to parents regarding popcorn day
·         Publicity: Mary Pastore
·         Grandparent’s Day
·         Rebate: Billie Jo Muckley & Kelly McNamara:
·         Please save Box Tops & Campbells Labels for Education they add up!
·         Billie Jo takes care of Campbell’s; Kelly takes care of Box Tops
·          Room Parents: Brenda Schans:
·         Tea is done!  It went well and all teachers have head room moms 
·         School Spirit: Jennifer Marshall and Mary Pastore:
·         Spirit Sale Forms go home October 9th
·         Items will be in for Christmas.  Samples available
·         Schwan’s: Krista Trent:
·         November schedule change new pick up day is November 15th
·         Good sales for September around $150 profit
·         Special Services: Jessica Swartz:
·         All forms have come in.  If parents call to help, email Jessica Swartz.
·         Yearbook: Jenny Miller and Michelle Fedor:
·         Cover has been chosen.
·         November 12th school candid photos and 3rd grade large photo
    ·         Teacher Representatives: Mrs. Wartman, Mrs. McKenney,
          Mrs. Yost, Mrs. Rogers
·         Kindergarten: no report
·         1st Grade: Mrs. Wartman Thank you.  Need help with Grandparents Day
·         2nd Grade: no report
·         3rd Grade: Mrs. McKenney Thank you for the fundraiser and for the ice cream party from Mrs. Adams’ Class
·         Mrs. Yost Thank you.  They would like to be more informed and included by receiving fundraiser forms, etc.
·         Mrs. Rogers Thank you!
·         Old Business:
·         No report
·         Principal: Angel Harbaugh:
·         Thank you for the huge success with the Read, Move, and Groove.  We will do it again next year!
Meeting adjourned at 4:25 PM
Hartville Elementary Teacher Lounge
Date: November 7th
Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.


September 28
Hartville PTO Minutes September

Hartville PTO Minutes
Date: 9/5/12


Meeting Place: Teacher’s Lounge
 (Meeting Minutes taken by Jenny Anderson)
The meeting was called to order at: 3:35 p.m.
No corrections or additions to the minutes.
·         Treasurer: Jessica Swartz:
o   Treasurer’s Report: Beginning Balance: $1114.05, Outgoing checks: $394.60, Ending Balance: $719.45, Savings: $601.34
o   Push the fundraiser! 
o   Teachers, please put your receipts in the PTO mailbox by January.  Returning teachers will be reimbursed $50 in receipts and new teachers will be reimbursed $100.   
·         Corresponding Secretary: Michelle Fedor:
·         This year, PTO will send a card to any student who is out of school for an extended time period with an illness or in the hospital. 
·         We will recognize staff birthdays with a $5 Subway gift card.
·         We also sent postcards to all new students in grades 1-3 welcoming them to Hartville Elementary.
·         Birthday Memorial: Mandi Stephenson:
·         Birthday Memorial will begin in September.  We will recognize ½ birthdays for those students who have birthdays in the summer months.
·         Fundraising: Melissa Anderson:
·         Read, Move & Groove – Friday, September 14th:
o   Jenny Anderson and Mrs. Harbaugh conducted the kick-off assembly to generate excitement for the new fundraiser.
o   All students will participate in all four activities: Read, Walk, Line Dance & Obstacle Course.  Each student will receive a charm necklace with a participation charm.  Additional charms can be earned by acquiring a minimum $5 donation in each category and also if they have earned $50, $75 & $100.
o   Grades 1 – 3 need to bring a book to read in the bleachers.  A parent volunteer will read a book to the Kindergarten classes.
o   Parent volunteers are still needed!
o   Wear Lake shirts on Friday to show your school spirit!
·         Fundraiser at Hartville McDonalds on Thursday, October 4th
o   This is a conference night!
o   McDonalds will donate 15% of all sales between the hours of 4 – 8 p.m. to Hartville Elementary PTO.
o   They will also stuff all take-out bags with a flyer two days before to promote it!
o   We will look into doing another fundraiser like this during spring conferences with Wendy’s, Pizza Hut or Mi Casa.
·         KidStuff Book – we will be running this fundraiser in November.  All coupons are valid until 12/31/13. 
·         Hospitality: Karla Radar:
·         Room Parents Tea is on September 26th at 9:00 a.m.
·         PTO will be providing dinner to the teachers on October 9th during conferences.   
  ·         Popcorn/Sno Kones: Michelle Fedor:
·         Slushy day is this Friday, September 8th.  Free to all students!    
·         Next Popcorn Day is Friday, October 5th.  Popcorn is $.25/bag. 
·         Hartville Elementary Popcorn Days are the 1st Friday of each month.  Lake Elementary Popcorn Days are the 2nd Friday of each month. 
·         Publicity: Mary Pastore
o   Please forward any pictures to Mary Pastore at
·         Rebate: Billy Joe Muckley & Kelly McNamara:
·         Please save Box Tops & Campbells Labels for Education – they add up!
·          Room Parents: Brenda Schans:
·         Room Parent Tea is on Wednesday September 26th at 9:00 a.m. in the cafeteria.  Come and meet other room parents and plan classroom parties!
·         Hartville Elementary’s school-wide policy is that no younger siblings are permitted to attend room parties.   
·         School Spirit: Jennifer Marshall and Mary Pastore:
·         Spirit Sale will take place in October! 
·         Schwan’s: Krista Trent:
o   Catalogs will come home Friday September 7th or Monday September 10th.  Pre-orders are due Friday, September 14th.  The Schwan’s truck will be on site (in the Lake Elementary Gym parking lot) on Wednesday, September 18th.  (9/18 is the Lake PTO Social as well as a football practice night, so we are anticipating a good sale!) 
·         Special Services: Jessica Swartz:
·         One form went home describing the committees and asking for volunteers.  If they sign up to help, we’ll find a place for them! 
·         Yearbook: Jenny Miller and Michelle Fedor:
·         The cover should be done by October! 
·         The yearbook will cost $15.  No presale this year. 
·         Teacher Representatives: Martyne McClary, Sonya Wartman, Katie Gibbs,
Cindy Mullen, Jamie Stegner, Heidi Mansfield:
·         Kindergarten: Thank you for the help with the KRAL testing and the first few days at lunch, arrival and dismissal! 
·         1st Grade: Thank you!  We’d like parent volunteers for the 1st Grade Grandparents Day on October 19th from 9 – 10 a.m.
·         2nd Grade: Thank you!!!
·         3rd Grade: Thank you!  3rd Grade is still collecting pop tabs.  Over 500,000 pop tabs have been collected to date.  We have been able to donate $220 to the Ronald McDonald house.  If you need a little Ronald McDonald house to collect pop tabs, let Mrs. Mullen know!  Also, the Ronald McDonald house is doubling in size!      
·         Miss Stegner: Shared artwork!  Thank you for the slushies!  The staff bathroom is great! 
·         Heidi Mansfield: Thank you!
·         Old Business:
o   High Five Fridays will resume this Friday, September 7th.
·         Principal: Angel Harbaugh:
·         Thank you for all the help with Kindergarten! 
·         Fall pictures are next Thursday, September 13th. 
Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.
Hartville Elementary Teacher Lounge
Date: 10/3/12
Wednesday @ 3:30 p.m.


September 28
2012 PTO Board


January 04
Labels for Education


October 10
PTO Executive Board 11-12

Capture 1.PNG
Hartville Elementary 
PTO BOARD 2011-2012
Executive Board
President: Michelle Fedor


Vice President: Jenny Anderson
Secretary: Shannon Miller
Corresponding Secretary: Angie Linsky
Treasurer: Jessica Swartz
Committee Chairs
Birthday Memorial:  Mandi Stephenson
Book Fair: _______________
Carnival: Michelle Fedor, Angie Linsky and Jenny Anderson
Celebration of Learning: Jenny Anderson
Fundraiser:  Angie Linsky 
Hospitality:  Amy Kunes and Dave Lloyd
Membership:  JoAnna Miller
Nominating:  Pam Stewart
Popcorn/Sno Kones:  Michelle Fedor
Publicity:  Mary Pastore
Rebate Offers: Billie Jo Muckley
Room Parents: Joanna Miller
Santa’s Breakfast: Lindsay Anderson                           
Santa’s Shop Cindy Kandel and Erica Rhodes
Scholarship:  Mandi Stephenson
School Spirit: Mary Pastore and Jennifer Marshall
Schwan:  Shannon Miller
Special Services: Jessica Swartz                  


Yearbook: Angie Linsky and Michelle Fedor


October 03
PTO Meeting 9/29/11


Hartville PTO Minutes


Date: 9/29/2011
Meeting Place: Teacher Lounge
Recording Secretary: Shannon Miller
PTO members present at the meeting: Michelle Fedor, Shannon Miller, Jessica Swartz, Dave Lloyd, Angie Linsky, Misty Lynge, Jessica Heap, Joanna Miller, Kathy Speer.
The meeting was called to order at: 3:35
No corrections or additions
  • Bond Issue: Mr. Jeff Wendorf
    • The May Bond Issue lost by 192 votes
    • Encourage everyone to visit or Citizens for Lake Facebook page to learn more about the Bond Issue
    • We will not be spending money to advertise for this Bond Issue; instead we will focus on asking people to fill out Pledge cards, and making calls to remind those people to get out to the polls! If you have not already been asked to fill one out, do so, and return it to any Main Office in the district.
 Finished @ 4:10pm
·         Treasurer: Jessica Swartz:
o   We received 1088.50 for Room Parties, which is up from last year
o   We received $185.00 for PTO Membership, which is down from the past.
o   The Playground Rehab has been paid off. That included items such as the paint for the 4 square.
·         Corresponding Secretary: Angie Linsky:
o   Nothing to report
·         Birthday Memorial: Mandi Stephenson:
o   Birthday slips been sent home for the beginning of the school year. Will begin sending home October Birthday Memorials next week.
o   Mrs. Beachy will be purchasing some new books for the children to choose from.
·         Fundraiser: Angie Linsky and ?
o   Some people are still turning in Great Western orders.
o   They will deliver in the middle of October. Try to set up delivery for conference nights, so parents can pick up larger orders at the same time.
o   2 children sold 48 items or more, and will get to throw a pie at Mr. Kandel!
o   Top classes: 1st place: Mrs. Collins      2nd place: Miss Dailey. They will get a pizza party
o   Entertainment books gave us an extra $500 to spend on prizes for the fundraiser. We brainstormed ideas for what those prizes should be. Angie will look into some of them further.
  • Hospitality: Amy Kunes & Dave Lloyd
    • Room Parent tea went well.
    • Dazzling Desserts for the teachers will start next week.
    • The committee is working out a menu for conference nights.
  • Membership: Joanna Miller
    • 181 memberships in at this point, and more coming.
    • 1st grade: 52; 2nd grade: 54; 3rd grade: 36 and K: 39. By percentage the 2nd grade are the current winners.
·         Popcorn/sno cones: Michelle Fedor:
o   We continue to charge .25 for popcorn. Lake and Uniontown elementary both raised theirs to .50.
o   For high five Fridays: we will begin giving certificates for free popcorn.
o   Slushies will now be picked up by the teachers, except for Kindergarten. We will continue to deliver those.
·         Publicity: Mary Pastore
o   Mr. Kandel got a picture in the Hartville News of the Kindergarteners first day of school.
·         Room Parents: Joanna Miller:
o   $1088.50 collected
o   $51 per classroom
o   Teachers will be notified tomorrow of who their chairperson will be.
·         School Spirit: Jennifer Marshall and Mary Pastore:
o   Starts next week through October 21
o   Michelle brought in some samples. New colors that will be available will be neon and bright pink.
·         Santa’s Shop: Mrs. Cindy Kandel and Erica Rhodes:
o   All items have been purchased, inventoried, and priced
o   Volunteer list has been created
o   3000 items purchased
·         Schwan’s: Shannon Miller:
o   Our September sale brought in $2102. That will leave us with $315 to split with Lake.
o   The sale took place on an evening where Lake Elementary had a meeting and Football practice was also going on.
o   Letter for October has been sent to copy. Books will go out next week.
·         Special Services: Jessica Swartz:
o   Volunteer lists have been emailed to all committee chairpersons.
·         Yearbook: Angie Linsky & Michelle Fedor:
o   We will offer pre-sale for yearbooks this year. We will have a table set up on conference nights.
o   Cover will be done next month.
·         Teacher Representatives: Kostiuk, Adams, Deckerd, Manolas
o   Kindergarten would like to thank PTO for helping with the KRAL testing.
o   Thank you for the emails that they can forward on to parents.
o   Teachers really appreciate the upgrades to the Teacher Lounge.
·         New Business:
o   New swing chains have been purchased.Split the cost of with Lake Elementary.
o   We will now be offering pre-sale for the yearbook
o   We changed High Five Fridays. Now the children will earn certificates for free popcorn.
o   A parent suggested that we find more ways to inform parents on all the great things we are doing in PTO.
·         Old Business:
o   No old business
·         Principal: Gary Kandel:
o   Thanks for the Room Tea.
o   Mr. Kandel has begun purchasing IPads for the use in K-1 grades, as well as purchasing some digital cameras. As the need arrives, he will continue purchasing additional items. 
o   Mrs. Manolas wrote a grant over the summer. Received 9 IPads.
o   We will NOT be starting our own preschool. The county preschool is already in place at the school.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:45pm.
School Cafeteria
Date: 11-3-2011


Thursday at 7:00 p.m.




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