Wall of Fame 2004


Earl Raymond Loutzenheiser is a 1936 graduate of Uniontown High School. After graduation he lived most of his life in Uniontown and became a building contractor. He is responsible for two housing developments in Lake Township – Monarch Estates and Emerald Hills. During his life time Earl dedicated himself to many community organizations and projects.

First, Earl was a member of the Uniontown Rotary Club and served as its president for many years. One of his Club projects that was dear to his heart and received national recognition was the building of the Rotary House on North Vista in Uniontown. Earl helped to direct the other Rotarians in a volunteer project to build a house that was sold with proceeds going to various Rotary and community charities. The Club used proceeds to provide hospital equipment to home patients and $2,000 was donated to Lake Schools for library books.

Earl served on the Lake Board of Education for eight years from 1963 – 1971. During that time period land was purchased on the corner of Market Avenue and Lake Center Street and the new Lake High School was constructed. The new building was dedicated on November 1, 1970 and a community open house was held May 4, 1971. The building of Lake High School changed the direction and development of Lake Township and the school system in a way that is still felt today. In 1971 Earl was elected president of the Board of Education and during that year the board voted to start a half-day kindergarten program in Uniontown and Hartville Elementary Schools with bus transportation provided. Earl also served on the Lake Student Loan Foundation.

Earl became active in the Lake Senior Center in 1983 and continued until his death in 1987. As chairmen of the Board of Directors he led the project to expand the current building and an addition was proposed. Earl helped to secure a grant of $83,000 to build the new wing. In his honor the Earl Loutzenheiser Memorial Wing was dedicated on September 13, 1987. A portrait of Earl and two plaques listing the directors and board members who dedicated their service to the center were hung on the wall of the new wing.

Earl was married just under 50 years to Evelyn Miller and they had four girls. The oldest of the four girls graduated with the last class of Uniontown High School. The three younger girls all graduated from Lake High School. Today one of his daughters, Debbie Beal, serves the youth of our community as a counselor at Lake Middle School.

Joan Olszeski is a 1977 graduate of Lake High School. Upon graduation Joan attended Malone College where she received her degree in business. She remained in her hometown and operates part of her family business. She has flourished professionally and is an advocate in all community affairs.
She was raised in a family where hard work, determination, and dedication were familiar qualities and not always so easy to come by. Her father, whom is now deceased, left a legacy that she still today is so very proud of and looks for ways to help others. She often comments that she was very blessed to have a father like him.

Loyalty to her is one of her biggest attributes. Whenever any one or any organization has asked her for help, and not just monetary donations, but help in supporting our youth both academically and athletically she never hesitates. Her only regulation is that it some how reflects back on our community. Recently, a small group of young cheerleaders put together a competition squad to represent Lake. Uniforms as we know can be quite costly. Instead of just being a sponsor and writing out a check, she asked that each young girl give up a few hours during the holiday season and work in her stores. This way she felt it gave them a sense of pride knowing that hey had earned money to purchase their uniform.

She not only has been an advocate for Lake Schools fund raising, she has been instrumental along with the Historical Society in restoring the old school house, which is adjacent to our high school. She and her committee spend countless hours preparing for an annual dinner / silent auction held annually in December. She has over the past few years raised a great deal of money to restore the old school to keep as an icon for our school system.

She has a great sense of pride in being a Lake High School graduate and nothing has made her more proud than to see her own kids be a part of our school system. Pride comes over her as she watches Ryan, her son, put on his Lake football jersey and run out on that field as a Blue Streak. This past season she avidly took pictures at the games as a “hobby.” At the end of their season she made each player a scrapbook filled with pictures of them all. These were presented at the fall sports banquet by their coaches. She did this anonymously and was not looking for a thank you or recognition by any one.

Joan's daughter, Stacy, attends the University of Alabama. She was a 2003 graduate of Lake High School.

She genuinely and sincerely enjoys giving to others. She will play “Santa” to a child in need or give to others much less fortunate than she, without the least bit of hesitation. She is one of the first to find the good in everything. She truly enjoys being able to give and be a part of our ever-growing community and she always helps out when she can.


schwab.jpgTracy Sue Replogle Schwab is a 1985 graduate of Lake High School. She received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Walsh University and her Ph.D. in cancer biology from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. In addition, Tracy completed two post doctoral fellows both at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan – one in the Department of Surgery/Urology and the other in the Department of Neurology.

Tracy has numerous publications and awards.

Tracy became interested in science in Junior High School when she had Mr. Al Tessmer. That year she submitted a project in the Science Fair at Malone College and received a very high rating. Her interest continued to peak in High School with the aid of Mr. Kocher and Mrs. Ellenberger. The instructors at Lake High School made her selection to continue in the sciences at Walsh College easy. The early success created a lasting interest in science fairs. Tracy is now a judge for the Science Fair for 6th and 8th grades at St. Francis of Assisi School. She is also a judge for the Southeastern Regional Science Fair where eligible students from southeast Michigan can attend (these are middle and high school students).

In addition, Tracy is involved in her church

•    conducting programs for adults interested in the Catholic faith.

•    contacting elderly homebound people of the parish to check on their welfare and see to their needs.

•    serving as a marriage sponsor. Both Tracy and her husband meet with engaged couples for five sessions prior to their marriage to go over marital issues and concerns.

Tracy and Eric have two children, ages five and two years old. In addition to raising a family she teaches part time at two local colleges and works full time at the University of Michigan, as Research Investigator Department of Neurology.