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​Lake Local Schools Fact-Checker

We are pleased to give our community the opportunity to ask questions about issues they may be hearing about and wondering if they are fact or rumor.  Please feel free to submit your question through our website “Fact Finder”.  If you need to check a fact, please let us know by submitting a question in 250 characters or less. The district will attempt to answer most of the questions by topic. Multiple questions on the same topic will be answered one time. Some questions may take longer than others to answer if additional research is needed. Any questions that are personal in nature, single-out or ridicule an individual, or are inappropriate will not be answered.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Is Lake Local school now doing random drug testing in school?

​Lake Local is not  conducting random drug testing in school currently.

Did taxpayers fund the new sign in front of the high school?  If so, how much did it cost and why was it purchased? 

The sign is not tax payer driven.  It is a class gift from the classes of 2011 and 2012

Why is Uniontown's recess being cut shorter this year? With all the concern over developing a healthy lifestyle, this seems like the opposite of doing what is best for kids.

All  elementary lunch and recess schedules at Lake Local Schools have been realigned to include a total of 45 minutes. This provides students with a 25 minute lunch and a 20 minute playground recess to follow. On the first day of school the rules to the playground were reviewed with the students, for a clear understanding of our playground expectations. The additional minutes give our students more instructional time for learning. 

It looks like new stadium lights are being installed.  Who is funding this?  Will these lights be more energy efficient?

​Yes, the stadium lights are being replaced as of June 21, 2013 as part of the Board approved HB264 project.  The individual parts of the project, including stadium lighting, will be paid for through revenues generated from energy/utility savings and reductions.

why does Lake continue to pour much more money into students that have finished half their education?  Poorly designed conversions and dated facilities have always plagued the younger students.  Why won't that change?

The proposed facility changes that would take place if and when a bond issue is passed would benefit all students at all grade levels.  A modern high school will serve to make our students most competitive when they go to the next level and moving our other students into larger facilities, especially our middle school students, will provide opportunities for more laboratory, music and instructional spaces.  Hartville Elementary needs to be retired based upon the increasing costs that the district is incurring just to keep the building operational.  When studying our facilities to develop an energy savings program, it was determined that it would cost the district $12M to renovate, repair and retrofit Hartville Elementary to be an efficient building.  The district will not be including Hartville Elementary in its plans for that program due to cost. 

What is being done about the illnesses at the middle school? This virus seems to be spreading
Lake Middle School is following the recommendations made by the CDC and the Stark Couny Health Department.  Extra cleaning crews were brought into the school on Monday and Tuesday to ensure that all surfaces had been properly cleaned.  Students and staff that are ill  or have symptoms of norovirus are being asked to stay home and remain at home until they are symptom free for 48 hours.  Please refer to the attached press release for further information.

Full news release.
Just about everyday I see a police cruiser in the parking lot at Lake High School. Is it true that the drug problem at Lake is growing more severe?
If students are suspected of possessing or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is addressed IMMEDIATELY. Based upon our procedures and findings, students are dealt with however it is necessary within the guidelines of the Lake Local Schools Board of Education policy. If students are found in possession of drugs, they will be charged by the police.

The police have been invited to spend time with our students each and every day, so they are seen as a positive resource. Their presence is in no way used to intimidate or create at atmosphere of paranoia. We welcome their partnership of trying to educate our youth towards positive choices and ultimately their own personal success.
Are there plans to take sewer to the bus garage / ball field on Kent Ave? Is so will it be along Lake Ave. or up Kent Ave? OR, rumor has it that the Mayor was talking to business / land owners about going through the fields?
There are no plans to take the sewer to the bus garage.
Chesapeake energy (and others) have been trying to lease the mineral rights in and around Hartville. Have they signed up the ball field / bus garage acreage?  And if so for how much signing bonus and what percent for royalties?
There has been no contract between Lake Local Schools and Chesapeake Energy.
What is the purpose / use of the new construction taking place at the bus garage / baseball field area?
That construction is a maintenance building that will be used to house our salt truck and other equipment and supplies for our maintenance department.  It will be used as a cold-storage maintenance building.  There will be lighting but no heating in the building.  Any questions can be addressed to Chris Eliopoulos at 330.877.4275.

Does Lake bus students to Lake Center Christian School on a bus that is exclusively dedidcated to LCCS kids or are they mixed in with the Lake children?
Our LCCS students that reside in the Lake Local School district ( due to LCCS time schedule) ride the 6th -12th grade neighborhood routes / buses in the a.m. to our High School / Middle School area………there we have  a “shuttle bus” designated as the “LCCS Shuttle”  that transports them to LCCS.

In the P.M. they are picked up by the designated “LCCS shuttle bus”  that transports them to Lake Elementary, from there they get on their respective neighborhood routes / buses  to go home.
When will Lake Center be open all the way to Market?
The County Engineer has projected that both Lake Center Street and King Church will reopen by the end of this week, 9/30/11. 
According to the inforamtion surrounding Issue 2/ Senate Bill 5, it infers that public employees do not pay 10% into retirment STRS and do not pay 15% for healhcare. What are the facts for LAKE LOCAL SCHOOLS?
At Lake Local, employees pay 10% of the District’s insurance premium for Medical coverage.
The Superintendent’s contribution to STRS and the Treasurer’s contribution to SERS are paid by the District.
All other employees pay their own respective contribution to either STRS or SERS.
If the bond issue does not pass will class be held in trailers and will more trailers be placed near the school?
If the bond issue does not pass, the district will need to make arrangements for additional learning space.  Trailers are certainly a possibility.
Has a location been decided on for the new high school?
Yes.  The new high school building will be located on the current band practice field that is located next to the administrative offices.  The retention pond in that is adjacent to King Church avenue will be filled in and additional parking and a new practice field will be located on this space as well.  More information can be found on our website at by clicking on the bond issue logo at the top of the page or on the FAQs and videos listed on the lower left-hand side of the page.
 When will the students have to make-up the extra days (snow days)?
Students will need to make up calamity days (snow days) beginning with June 3.  If they do not approve the 5 calamity days and stick with 3, make up days will also be June 6 and 7.
If the new school issue passes when will the first school year in the new school and where will the new school be located?
It is anticipated that it will take 1 year to plan, and two to build, with planning starting immediately after passage of the issue. We would anticipate planning spring of 2011 to spring of 2012, and then building from spring of 2012 to spring of 2014, with classes held in the new facility in the fall of 2014, or for the start of the 2014-2015 school year.  This is an estimate, and could change!
Is it being considered to offer Spanish to elementary students? As an after school program?
We have offered Spanish after school to elementary students as an enrichment program.  We will continue to offer the program based on student interest and availability of an instructor.
I heard that there will be road construction on Market, starting on April 1st.  Is that part of the proposed bond issue?
Yes – there will be road construction, but it is not in any way connected with the proposed bond issue.  The road construction that will take place on Market Avenue and on Lake Center Street is a result of a plan by Ralph Regula and the Stark County Engineer, prior to his leaving office, that allows for turn lanes,  and redirected traffic flow in the area.  This is completely separate from the district and the district’s upcoming bond election.
Why is Lake Local called the Blue Streaks?
When Hartville High School (“Blue Streaks”) and Uniontown High School (“Bobcats”) were joined, there was discussion about colors and mascot.  It is the understanding is that “Blue Streaks” were to be maintained, Blue was to be the primary color and red (as a tip of the cap to Uniontown HS) was to be used as an “accent color” only. 
Is the "Top 25" academic award being discontinued?
Absolutely not!  This has been a tradition at Lake High School since 1997 and will continue!  The top 25 seniors will be recognized as well as an honored educator.
What "lake" is the school district named for?  Is it an actual body of water of some benefactor named Fred Lake?
There are different stories on the history of the name of Lake Township.  Most people believe it is from Congress Lake.  Dr. Richard Werstler wrote the following in his “History of Lake Township, A Legacy Upon Which To Build” : (From the website)

The land in Lake Township “owes its form and substance to the glacial action beginning with the Pleistocene Epic to the end of the Wisconsonian glacier that covered all the northern tier of townships of Stark County until circa 40,000-50,000 years ago. As the ice and snow melted, enormous amounts of water formed glacial rivers. To a great extent the present topography of the land was the result of tremendous forces of moving water. Lakes, eskers, kettles and kames frequently observed in Lake were formed by these rivers and downward pressure by giant land icebergs that melted slowly weighing the soft ground down thus resulting in depressed soils that formed lowland ponds and lakes.”1

1. Richard E. Werstler, Ed.D., “History of Lake Township A LEGACY UPON WHICH TO BUILD,” Lake Township Comprehensive Plan & Land Use Report Blueprint for Success, 2000
Is Lake HS currently looking for land to rebuild the high school in the next few years?
The Lake Board of Education held a work session on Saturday, November 20th to discuss a potential building project that will be brought to the community for consideration and input in the next few weeks.  Discussion included the building of a new high school, relocation of grades six through eight to the current high school building, relocation of grades three (including Uniontown) through five to the current middle school, and the relocation of grades pre-K through two at Hartville Elementary to Lake Elementary.  Initial estimates for funding needs would be approximately $24.9 million from the state, and $10 million from the district.    More information will be provided as community meetings are held to determine support for this potential project.
What are the requirements for letterman jackets for sports?
Lake Local provides the chenille letter, and the athlete and his or her family purchase a jacket, available at a number of locations in Lake colors.  Below are the requirements for a varsity letter.

Minimum requirements for winning a Varsity “L” Award:
            Baseball: Participation in one-half of the played innings. Pitchers must participate in one-fourth of total innings played. If the athlete plays a “specialty”posiition (e.g., designated runner, designated hitter, etc.), the coach may submit documentation to support the number of games     participated in, which must total a minimum of 60% of games played by the varsity team.
            Basketball: Participation in one-half of total regulation quarters played.
            Cross-County: Finish in the top seven for Lake and participate in one-half of total meets.
            Cheerleading: Participation in practices and contests during the fall and/or winter  sport seasons.
            Dance Team:  Participation in practices and contests during the fall and/or winter sport seasons.
            Football: Participation in one-half of total regular season quarters played. If on a specialty team, participation in a minimum of five varsity games.
            Golf: Participation in one-half of varsity matches.
            Gymnastics:  Required to be a level 7, 8, or 9 optional gymnast. Routines must meet level 8 or 9 by December 31st. must practice an average of three times per week during the season. May only compete in high school competition during the month of February and must compete in two scheduled meets plus the OHSAA District Competition.
            Soccer: Participation in one-half of varsity regulation halves played.
            Softball: Participation in one-half of the played innings.  Pitchers must participate in one-fourth of total innings played. . If the athlete plays a “specialty” position (e.g., designated runner, designated hitter, etc.), the coach may submit documentation to support the number of games participated in, which must total a minimum of 60% of games played by the varsity team.
          Swimming: Attend 90% of team practices AND average at least one point per meet for the regular season and participate in one-half the total meets.
          Tennis: Participation in one-half of varsity matches played.
            Track: Average at least one point per meet for the regular season and participate in one-half the total meets.
            Volleyball: Participate in one-half the total games played.
            Wrestling: Participate in eight varsity points (matches).
            Bowling: Participate in one-half of all varsity matches.

NOTE: Alternative determinations may be recommended by the coach.  Such changes must meet with the approval of the athletic director and building principal prior to the start of the season.  All team members and parents shall be informed in writing prior to the start of the season of the qualifications to be eligible for an award.
            A student-athlete is not eligible for an award if he/she quits the team prior to the conclusion of the total season.  All award winners must finish the season, including post-season events, and be in good-standing with the team.  To receive their award, student-athletes must be in attendance at the awards presentation (or receive absentee permission from the Athletic Director).
            All middle school sport participants will receive a certificate of participation  No special awards are presented at the middle school level.

I heard this morning (11/17) on WHBC that students are allowed to have cell phones turned on at school during the day.
Our Board Of Education policy will now reflect the “educational initiatives” that we are promoting with the use of technology. We are simply putting to use the technology tools that students already have in their hands. Expectations for personal use remain the same during the school day. Students are not permitted to use cell phones for personal use or have them out at any time other than under the direct supervision of an educational setting.

Is it true students having parties with drugs and alcohol are not being held accountable-they continue on in sports and school.
As far as conduct policies, Lake Local School District has each student and parent involved in extra-curricular activities agree to the “ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs) Policy”.  Within that statement, the expectations and standards for students involved in any extra-curriculars are spelled out along with consequences upon the student violating this policy.  The position of the school and our coaches/advisors is that if we are provided information regarding possible violations of the ATOD policy, we are obligated to follow-up and investigate.  If that investigation provides enough factual information to address a student(s) in violation of the Lake ATOD policy, then the protocol for invoking consequences will be followed.

Ultimately, the accountability for any child involved in non-school activities rests with the parents of the child.  We encourage all parents to be vigilant and supportive of the activities and plans of their children especially in activities out of their own home.  The Lake Local School District will continue to support safe and appropriate environments and activities for our students to engage in.  See ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs) policy link:
Is Lake considering eliminating French from the curriculum and having Chinese instead?
We continue to investigate the possibilities related to the impending retirement of Marianne Gooding, our French teacher, at the conclusion of the year.  The possible scenarios:

a).  Maintain the status quo {French 1 – 4, serving around 110 students; French 1 = 60, 2 = 45, and 3 and 4 = 20}

b). Consistent with our ERI initiative, eliminate the offering {obviously we would need to determine how our students would fulfill their foreign language requirements}

c). Consider phasing out French as a foreign language option.  For example, hiring a part time French teacher to accommodate students in French 2 and beyond and not offering French 1 next year 

d). Consider offering a different foreign language option that would be considered more prominent in the twenty-first century {for example Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian}.  Regarding Mandarin Chinese, we have been in touch with both the University Akron and ODE about grants and seed money available to initiate a Mandarin Chinese foreign language option. 

There have been no decisions made at this point, but the above is what is being considered and discussed.
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