About Lake Local Schools..... 

Vision:  To be the best organization for learning.

Mission:  Providing education to achieve success.

With its close to 3,600 students matriculating in 2013, Lake Local Schools serves Stark County students in Lake Township, the Village of Hartville, Uniontown and small portions of Portage and Summit Counties.   More than 95% of Lake students pursue a college-preparatory course of study and continue their education beyond the high school level, although only 30% of the overall district population holds a college degree and only 35% of the population is employed in administrative or professional occupations.  Lake students have traditionally scored well above the state average on standardized tests and Lake Local met 26 of 26 indicators on the School District Report Card for 2013 and a 107.3 Performance Index, receiving a rating of Excellent with Distinction. Lake Local is part of an innovative partnership between the district, Mercy Medical Center, the Stark County Library, the Chamber of Commerce, The YMCA and the Historical Society.  Working together, these organizations provide a “Center Complex” for residents for learning, healthcare and recreation.  The partnership is unique in that Lake students can benefit from educational opportunities at Mercy Medical, use the YMCA for fitness and swimming programs and the Library for reading and research.

Programs, Services and Offerings: AAA (Academics, Athletics, Arts)-Rated Lake Local Schools: Excellence in Academics, Athletics and Arts is demonstrated through data-driven decision-making, innovation and a focus on quality. Individual student needs are addressed through a rich and varied curriculum and a wide range of sports, music, the arts and extra-curricular activities. Teams of administrators, teachers and principals, with input from students and parents, work together to ensure innovative, creative, rigorous and relevant curriculum that is grounded in state standards for grades pre-K through twelve.

Academics:  Ongoing assessments throughout the year are developed by classroom teachers and by departments to give teachers regular information regarding their students’ progress, enabling them to make adjustments in curriculum delivery when and where it is needed.  In addition to its focus on individual student needs, Lake is committed to providing excellent and relevant professional development for its staff – both certified and classified. Based upon feedback and needs assessment results, a comprehensive professional development curriculum is developed each year. Consistent with our belief that all staff members are important to a child’s education, our bus drivers, aides, food service, custodial and secretarial staffs are offered a wide range of professional development offerings ranging from those pertaining to customer service to issues regarding health-related topics. Our students benefit from AP and Dual Credit courses, vocational education and career tech programs. In addition, Lake is committed to professional development in differentiated instruction and training for aides, paraprofessionals and classroom teachers.

Athletics:  Lake High School athletes have earned numerous league and state accolades as individuals as well as teams, with our Athletic Director having been recognized for his development and promotion of the Coaches Education and Training Process, initiated and piloted at Lake.  With 46 high school teams, and 20 middle school teams for both men and women, the district focuses on ensuring that our athletes show good sportsmanship, with a focus on academics, reflected in our number of athletes for 2011-2012 maintaining a G.P.A. average of more than a 3.0 out of 4.0. The Athletic Department has also embarked on a strategic planning process, aligned with that of the district.  Its process produced an athletic department “plan on a page”, with action plans and measures.

Arts:  Lake’s Arts Department, which includes music, performing, visual and dramatic arts, spent 2011-2012 implementing a strategic plan for the arts in Lake, partnering with stakeholder groups from the community to encourage creativity both with students and the community in which they live.  This plan is used by the arts department to create and deploy its action plans, with care taken to ensure alignment between the arts curriculum and academic curriculum for each grade level. Lake students have been recognized throughout the state for their accomplishments in music, including: OMEA and state level adjudicated events.  More than 300 students are involved in music in the high school alone. Several times a year, through “Project Connect”, our district treats the community to free performances of musicals, dramatic productions and band, orchestra and choral performances, emphasizing the district’s value of the community and its partners, as well as providing students and staff an opportunity to serve others. Project connect is one of the many innovative ways that the district serves and interacts with the community and partnership organizations. Lake was once again named by NAMM as a best community for arts and music in the United States.

Our Staff:  Approximately 412 staff members are included in Lake’s workforce, including both classified and certified staff.  Our certified staff is 100% highly qualified, meaning that they are hired for positions in which they hold certification. Our classified staff includes custodial, food service, transportation, secretarial, and paraprofessionals – both clerical and student oriented. 180 members of our certified staff hold masters degrees, with two holding doctoral degrees. Several of our staff members have won awards, including 94.1 Teacher of the Year, Stark County People of Character, OHSAA Coach of the Year and OSHAA Athletic Director of the Year. The district staff is hired through a process that includes matching of personal values with those of the district.  Through this process, and as evidenced by the district’s low turnover rate, staff is motivated to work in accomplishing the district’s mission. 

Our Strategy for Excellence: Through its robust annual strategic planning process, Lake has identified five factors as major challenges for next three to five years: space for growth; keeping technology current; maintaining and expanding time for collaboration, development and training; keeping alignment and strategic direction; and engagement of staff and students. Lake Local Schools has developed a management system focused on its mission, vision and values that includes a set of core processes and a leadership system, a strategic planning system, a communication system, and a work process system. This system, in conjunction with aligned district, building, department and individual action plans that follow the Plan - do - Study - Act (PDSA) model, ensures that the district implements its focus on continuous improvement.  A balanced scorecard system of measurement is in place to trend progress toward the district vision of being the best organization for learning.


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