Lake Local Schools Administrative Office Staff

For help or questions regarding the following items please contact:

Superintendent’s Office 330-877-9383 – 436 King Church Ave SW, Uniontown, OH 44685

Jeff S. Wendorf, Superintendent

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3201

o   Email:

§  Oversees all operations of the district


Gloria J. Molenaur, C.E.O.E., Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3203

o   Email:

§  Contracts to sign

§  Transcripts

§  Personnel files

§  Salary upgrades

§  HR Director

§  Public School Works

§  Status of professional leaves, field trip requests, tuition reimbursement, unpaid leave requests, personal leave requests (Aesop for certified and HR Kiosk for classified staff)

§  Pupil validation (sports medicine certificates) for coaches.  Works with superintendent on day-to-day operations


Treasurer’s Office 330-877-4280

Nicole Nichols, Treasurer

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3209

o   Email:

§  403(b) and 457 plans

§  Oversees all areas of district finances and payroll


Jeanine Battershell,

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3212

o   Email:

§  Insurance changes

§  Medical forms

§  Inventory



Stephanie Wojcik, Payroll

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3213

o   Email:

§  Paychecks

§  Social security numbers

§  Jury duty

§  Time sheets

§  Absence forms


Kathy Cavalet, Accounts Payable/Receivable

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3214

o   Email:


Curriculum Office 330-877-9383

John D. McAllister, Director of Instruction

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3202

o   Email:

§  Staff development

§  Textbooks and teaching materials

§  District-wide testing

§  Local Professional Development Committee

§  District Homeless Liaison


Angel Harbaugh, Instructional Supervisor

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3210

o   Email:

§  Title I

§  Curriculum Support

Denise Sheak, Secretary – Curriculum & Technology

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3223

o   Email:

§  Student Teacher Placement Requests

§  Purchased Services Contracts/Private Tutors

§  Purchasing Curriculum/Tech/Testing

§  Day-to-day technology needs/Tech Inventory


Public Relations Office 330-877-9383

Karen Koch, Director of Communications & Community Relations

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3210

o   Email:

§  Strategic planning/action planning

§  Internal and external communications


Special Service’s Office 330-877-4293

Gary Kandel, Director of Special Services

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3219

o   Email:

§  Special Education

§  Intervention specialists, psychologists, special education tutors and speech-language pathology

§  ESL


Stephanie Hackenberg, Student Information Secretary

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3206

o   Email:

§  EMIS entry

§  Special services


Technology Office 330-877-9383

Pete Esterle, Director of Technology

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3352

o   Email:

§  Oversees all technology

§  Student records database (EMIS Director)

§  Distance learning


Pat Carroll, Technology and Information Systems

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3204

o   Email:

§  Support for computer/technology


David Schorsten, Computer Support

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3220

o   Email:

§  Support for computer/technology

§  Email addresses


Ryan Gaughan, Computer Support

o   Extension/Voicemail:  3527

o   Email:

§  Support for computer/technology

§  District key fobs/building access

§  District phones/extensions


Transportation Office 330-877-4275 – 13188 Kent Ave, Hartville, OH 44632

Chris Eliopoulos, Director of Operations

o   Extension/Voicemail:  7002

o   Email:

§  Transportation, buildings and grounds


Lisa Hershberger, Transportation Secretary

o   Extension/Voicemail:  7001

o   Email:

§  Bus trips and/or permits

§  Bus routes

§  Passenger lists

§  AlertNow call out system


Laurie Knoch, Transportation Secretary

o   Extension/Voicemail:  7000

o   Email:

§  Bus trips and/or permits

§  Clerical