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October 03
The Real Jake Huffaker

By: Lauren Wheeler

   You may recognize him as just another familiar face in the halls of Lake High School or that one guy from the wrestling team. But who is Jake Huffaker, and what makes this comedic and friendly high schooler so different?
   For one, he loves sports. In the past he played football and has tried lacrosse, but he really found his passions through playing baseball and wrestling, “They’re my two main sports.”
   Dedication has been a key characteristic Jake has demonstrated through his thirteen years of playing baseball. Jake is a center fielder and enjoys the team aspect of the game.
   Wrestling also became one of his priorities when he started in eighth grade and took it all the way to states (Rock 'Em!) His freshman year he landed a well-deserved spot on the JV team. Then during Jake's Jake Huffaker.jpg
sophomore year he made varsity. The successful season ended with 23 wins and four losses, as well as seventeen pins. Now in 11th grade he has made the varsity team once again.
   Aside from athletics, this long-haired and easygoing guy has many other interests. Along with numerous hobbies, the junior admitted, “I'm kind of a nerd.”
   Huffaker's big on technology and likes phones and computers. He even has the new Htc Evo Shift 4G. Other interests include weight lifting, working at Pacsun, and also music.
   “It's a big part of my life.” Enjoying screamo, rock and metal, his favorite bands are the classic Pink Floyd and Bush.
   For the most part he is similiar to other seventeen year old boys, but there is one surprising fact that is definitely unlike most guys; he loves shoes! Owning twenty-five pairs of Nikes, two pairs of Sperrys, a couple pairs of Ugg moccasins, four or five pairs of Reeboks and two pairs of Jordans, he has created quite a collection. Not only is that a large collection shoes, but it is also a substantial ammount of money! “My most expensive pair of shoes were about $400.”
   For the upcoming year his hopes are to get better grades and to go to Nationals for martial arts. An important fact not to forget about him is that among other successes he also claims the title of "ninja." Martial arts have been a priority to Jake over the last couple years. Previously he attended Pain Head Quarters but is now currently going to Unique Fitness.
   Jake decided to take journalism because he needed the credit, but he is excited for our upcoming projects. “I think it’s cool that we get to spend our class period walking around interviewing people, finding news and writing articles.”
   This Lake champ has a lot his plate this year with his ambitious wrestling and martial arts goals. We all wish Jake the best for his future aspirations and can count on him to make Lake proud.
For his closing remark Jake would just like to say: “Stay golden.”   


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