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October 03
Miss Alecia Henthorn

by Avery Graber

Molded by her past, Alecia Henthorn has become a very strong and grown-up seventeen year old senior at Lake High School. For the majority of her life she moved back and forth from Ohio to West Virginia. Now she has many goals and plans for her future.

“I was born in Cleveland and raised in Akron for six years. In first grade I went to West Virginia to live with my grandparents. Later in seventh grade I moved back to Ohio, and in eighth grade I went to West Virginia again, then finally moved back to Ohio the last time my freshman year and have been here since,” Alecia explains.

Alecia is a beautiful blue-eyed girl with a lot of plans and ambitions for her future.

“In ten years I would like to be somewhere out of Ohio. I’m not quite sure on where I would like to move to, but I was thinking Florida. I would also like to have a very steady job and hopefully start my own family.”

A quote Alecia lives by is, “Money doesn’t make you happy, it only makes things easier.” Throughout her life she has had a good role model to help her live by this.

“A hero in my life would have to be my great grandma, because she has taught me that you should always put other people first in your life and then focus on yourself. To truly make yourself happy you should always make sure that the ones around you are happy as well.” Alecia’s grandma has really helped her through anything that gives her a hard time, like when her mother passed away three years ago.

“When high school started I didn’t know exactly where to turn because my mom passed away a week after being in school. It became extremely hard because I was with the wrong people and making the wrong decisions. I pretty much just gave up. After the 2011 summer I got to thinking about my future, and this year I’m going to work very hard academically. It feels great knowing that I have a lot of options.”

Life can sometimes bring us to a point that is very hard for us, and there is no doubt Alecia has been through some very tough times in her life. She surrounds herself with good friends and likes doing things like shopping and going on long walks when she has free time.

“I have no regrets. And all of my actions have made me who I am today, and I’m perfectly fine with that. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger,” Alecia explained.

Alecia had taken journalism her sophomore year and couldn’t wait to get back into it her 2011-2012 senior year. She enjoyed it, and looks forward to writing more in this class.


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