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October 03
Micaela Michalk: An In-Depth Look

​by Jake Huffaker

There are many faces roaming the halls of Lake High School. It’s easy to get mixed up in the crowd. But for some, they do their best to stand out.

Micaela Michalk, a fifteen year-old sophomore here at Lake, is a bit different than most people.

“I really like to write,” says the tenth place "Power of the Pen" state individual writer.

She joined the Power of the Pen team in eighth grade. Since then, the team has taken first place in regionals.

Aside from writing on the team, she is an author of two books and is currently co-authoring a third.  With a big, proud smile on her face, she states, “I read like, up to two or three books a week.”

Aside from being a writer, she is also part of the soccer team. She has played since third grade, and is now on the high school team.

“I’m bad at the sport, but I love it.”

One other activity she is involved with is The Girl Scouts.

“I want to be an ambassador, in the Girl Scouts.”

She has been a part of the Scouts since first grade and attends all sorts of events and meetings.

She is also a clarinet player in the Lake High school Band. She has been part of the band since fifth grade, and it’s had its ups and downs ever since.

“I hate it.” Were her feelings toward clarinet. “I could shatter it into a million pieces, but I actually enjoy it sometimes.”

After a recent Cross Country meet, she says, “It still hurts to walk.”

This is her first year on the high school team, and she hopes to follow in her sister’s footsteps, literally!

About her one of her passions, Micaela says, “I want my writing to be inspirational and bitter-sweet.”


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