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October 03

by Corey Monsewicz

When walking through the halls of Lake High School, people may look at Noelle Miller and see someone who appears to be the typical American teenager, but, as the famous saying goes, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” So the book was opened to the “About the Author” section.

A resident of Greentown until she was a year old, Noelle moved to North Canton, where she and her family lived until she was three years old. At some point, they came to live in Hartville, where she’s lived most of her life.

Noelle syas, “Well I guess my bucket list is pretty awesome, and I want to live all over the world.”

She also explained that while she’s never been to Australia, she has always wanted to live there. Miller states, “I’m waiting till I can move to Australia, then England, then France, then wherever fate takes me, I will go.”

Just this summer, fate took this world traveler-to-be to Cincinnati, Ohio, where she spent her days in the sunshine shopping at a large outdoor mall. Although she said she enjoyed the experience, she could not remember the name of the mall.

She bought lots of clothes, shoes and a book of horror stories.

Then she and her family decided to extend their trip. Since they were so close to Indiana, Noelle and her family drove across state lines and through the more rural part of the state “for fun.”

Noelle’s trip appears to have been the highlight of her summer, otherwise spent  babysitting her 10-year-old sister, Madi.

The typical shopper, Noelle said she spent all the money before she was even paid. She declined, however, to say what she bought. The shopping trips may be fewer, however, as Noelle may be saving for college.

Noelle said she plans to attend Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

She plans to take photography and theatre classes, but she said she does not yet know what she wants her major to become.

Noelle has already been taking acting lessons at the Weathervane Theatre in Akron. She acted in last year’s Lake High School performance of Barbecuing Hamlet. She played the mousy secretary.

For fun, she said, she “sleeps,” and when she’s not doing that, she enjoys rock music. Bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are among her favorites.



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