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October 03
A Standout Streak at LHS

​by Ashley Snider

From the feathers in her hair, to the checkered Vans hugging her feet, Andrea Reese is one unique senior at Lake High School.  She’s a very laid-back girl who loves nothing more than to find fun in everything she does.

“I don’t wanna grow up; I like being little,” Andrea reveals while flashing a flawless white smile across her face.


She wishes she could be someone else, even just for a day.  In Andrea’s case, it just so happens to be her favorite superhero.

“I would love to be Batman.  He’s just himself.  He can’t fly or anything—he’s just a good person,” she happily announces.

But everyone makes mistakes, even Batman and Andrea.

“I’ve had struggles, and it wasn’t always easy.  After the choices I’ve made, now I know what to do, and it’s made me stronger.”

She’s aware that there will be plenty of obstacles for her to overcome in the future, but she is ready to take them on with a positive attitude.

Sports help to keep her optimistic.  Wearing the number 38 on the back of her blue streak jersey, Andrea has worked hard at perfecting her soccer skills since she was just four years old.

When Andrea isn’t busy tearing up the soccer field or working at a local McDonalds, she baby-sits in her free time.

One thing she enjoys most about living in the beloved small town of Hartville is growing up with the same people through the years.  Almost everyone is friends with one another, and it creates a comforting atmosphere.

When it comes to academics, Andrea is sure to receive nothing but the highest scores possible.

“I’m pretty proud of myself for always being on top of things and always keeping my grades high.”

This hard-working student claims that her chemistry teacher, Mrs. Duncan, made one of the toughest school years very enjoyable.

“I just absolutely love her,” Andrea says while sporting a gleaming smile.

Thinking journalism would be a fun class, she decided to try it as a senior.

“It’s a great way to be social with people,” Andrea laughed.

Planning to attend the Stark branch of Kent State University in the fall of 2012, Andrea has her dream job narrowed down.  She aspires to work in the medical field, or become an FBI profiler, figuring out why people commit crimes.

Years and years down the road, when Andrea hits her mid-thirties, she hopes to be done with school and be successful in her job.  She would love to be married, with three children, and own a nice home that she and her husband can be proud of.

Although she wishes to stay young, if Andrea keeps the wonderful and bright spirit she already has taken over, she will surely do great things in this world.


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