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November 17
Who Rocks?

By: Lauren Wheeler

       For years Lake High School’s music program has been exceptional, in both talent and execution. Along with the sweet pizzicato of the orchestra and Lake's boisterous band, the school is also blessed with numerous choirs.
      Mrs. Bordo, the choir instructor here at school, has taken under her wing several show choirs. Through the years audiences have been awed by the works of Voice Blue (the advanced choir) and productions by the almighty Reflections. This year the choirs are making room for the newest members of the music department – Lady Blues!
        Lady Blues, an all-girl show choir, is wiping the stage with their gifted voices and awe-inducing music numbers like the Irish classic “Riversong”, which they performed at their first concert.
       "The songs we sing are great!" raves senior Sarah Young, "There's a nice balance of the styles we practice. It makes it fun to switch it up!"
       The group, consisting of 58 girls from all grades, was thrilled for the opportunity to come together and pursue a common interest, singing. They meet after school on Mondays, giving the girls who are too busy during school an opportunity to participate.012.jpg
  “I’m taking several honor classes and really need a study hall,” sophomore Nina Ward explains. “Since I didn’t have room in my schedule to take choir, I was excited when I heard about Lady Blues!”
       Last year, during the exciting week of auditions for the Reflections, over 40 girls tried out with hopes of being in the show choir. Unfortunately, there were only twelve openings and cuts were made.
      There was obviously a large interest shown by girls looking to be a part of a performing choir. After the auditions, Mrs. Bordo mulled over ideas to figure out a way to give them an outlet to showcase their talents. From her brainstorming, Lady Blues was thus birthed.
       Aside from it being exclusively for girls, this ensemble is much different from the other choirs.
       While some students are led to take choir because they need another credit, these girls are solely compelled by their love for music. There are no grades associated with the program.
       “I love the fact that there are students who would love to sing in regular choirs, but can’t fit it into their schedule because of conflicts,” said Mrs. Bordo. Lady Blues gives students a fantastic opportunity to participate.
       Audience members, who had the great opportunity of hearing the girls at their most recent concert, are eager to see them again.
       “Aside from their excellent voices, it was cool to see an all girls’ choir. That's something you don't see a lot,” said Mrs. Rummel who had seen them perform at their latest concert. “Not to mention their harmonies were awesome!”
       So when is the next opportunity to hear these dynamic vocalists? On December twentieth they will be holding their holiday concert. No doubt these stunning performers will get us into the Christmas spirit.
       “I can't wait to start all of the Christmas songs!” Sarah Young shares looking forward to the holiday season, “It is definitely my favorite part of the year.”
       Nina Ward is looking forward to their usual Monday practices. In her opinion the music is great but the people are even better. While getting to spend time with her best friend, a fellow Lady Blues participant, she finds it to be a great way to meet other girls who have similar interests.
       “We really have a blast. It's like hanging out with some of your best friends,” says sophomore Alicia Roe.
       It certainly sounds like Mrs. Bordo has a fantastic program underway that will surely be a complement to Lake's quality music family.
       “My hopes for this year are that these girls will love being a part of lady blues.” shares Mrs. Bordo, “I would also love to have the group keep growing as the year goes on.”
       For students who may be considering joining the vocalists, Sarah Young promises fun by adding, “Sometimes if we are lucky, Mrs. Bordo will do one of her interpretive dances. It is one of my favorite parts!”
       What other essential information is necessary for everyone to know? Ms. Young puts it bluntly: “We rock!”​


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