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November 17
Lake Girls' Soccer: Kicking it Up

By Micaela Michalk

     The 2011 fall season for the Lady Blue Streaks proved to be a successful one. The recaps are full with powerful shots, miraculous saves, and risky foot skills that helped the hard-working soccer players win many games. They fought hard, through fouls and penalties, and deserve recognition.
     Not only was this season a winning one, but the girls also accomplished a tremendous goal that did not swish into the net. Their record breaking skills sure accomplished the test. In previous years, the soccer teams set a record of winning eight games for junior varsity and eleven games for varsity. This year the JV team won nine games and the varsity won twelve games within sixteen consecutive matches.  Plus, in a bundle of sweet success, the varsity team made their way through the playoffs up until semi-finals where Hoover just barely struck them down. 319947_2156158594891_1574277376_2119160_981530490_n.jpg
      The soccer teams could not have done this without hard work, sweat, and even a little blood. Miss Bicket, an assistant coach who loves her job, watched the girls firsthand as they practiced and played. During their practices, both teams most prominently worked on shooting drills, as well as defensive drills.
            “You can’t win if you can’t shoot,” Bicket said with a laugh, pointing out an obvious point that is often taken for granted in the popular sport.
            “We work really hard. I run and work on core a lot,” Casey Tisdale, a varsity member, said with a grim smile.
            Some individual records gave players new highs of confidence, as well. Kristen Conti broke the record of most goals scored in a season, passing the 21 goals that Becca Hollis shot in 1999. Conti scored a whopping 26 goals.
     Casey Tisdale, as a fierce goalkeeper, broke the shutout record of seven which Jessica Violand set in 1998. A shutout is a game in which the other team scores absolutely no goals, giving the other team the only points on the scoreboards. Tisdale totaled ten shutouts during this past season!
            “It feels wonderful to break a record. I love beating my brother,” Tisdale states.
     However, the most intense moment of the whole season had to be the 0-0 tie with Hoover. Ms. Bicket agrees wholeheartedly.
            However, Tisdale is not so sure. “When Green had their penalty kick on me, everything froze.”
     There is no doubt that the 2011 soccer season was a glorious one, but most of the young athletes would counter that soccer is always fun. After all, the sport, like most, help the girls stay out of trouble, teaches the importance of teamwork, and increases their high work ethic. Plus, the value of friendship greets each girl when she begins to practice with the team. Team dinners and sleepovers help the athletes bond with each other and become like sisters.
            “I love how all the girls get together,” Ms. Bicket reflected.
“I love team dinners. Everyone is so hilarious!” Tisdale exclaims.
            “I love all the people,” Haley Boss, a JV player, imparts.
            However, there were some setbacks however to being on the team. One was the time commitment. Between practices after-school, the long soccer games and individually working on skills, the sport can be quite stressful. However, our girls managed to keep their time management together to enjoy what they loved.
     “I love soccer, but I hate the summer practices,” says Boss.
            One other fallout is the drama that goes with the team. After being with each other so much, the young athletes become sisters, and like sisters, they quibble and bicker and fight.
            “They just need to work with the other girls to put their differences aside,” said Bicket, still proud of ‘her daughters’ as she likes to call them.
            As for next season, there are high expectations. With the coaches’ constructive criticism, they might just be able to live up to them.
            “I want to set a winning streak and break another record,” says a determined Tisdale.
     Lady Blue Streak soccer swept and scored their way to victory. Every member of the team gave amazing contributions to every game, always giving her best. The team could not have prospered without everyone. Next season they’ll come back, a new set of freshmen ready –but sadly, the seniors gone- to live up to the past season. We know they can, with the same dedication and hard work that went into this one.
     Rock ‘em! 
     (Do you want to know more about the soccer team? Click here.)



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