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October 03
Alicia Plaufcan: The Inside Story

​byAndrea Reese

Not only is Alicia attending Lake High School every Monday through Friday to be able to get her High School Diploma, she works at the local McDonalds in Hartville, and she plays Tennis for the junior varsity Lake tennis team. Alicia has many aspirations coming her way.

Alicia is an eighteen year old who was born in Akron, Ohio on August second 1993.

In the fall of 2012, Alicia plans to take her creative yet extremely smart mind to the one and only Kent State University.

This young and spirited girl seems to have a really good idea about what she wants to do. She says, “I want to major in Journalism. And I would love to also minor in Creative Writing.”

Alicia is in the Lake High School Marching and Concert Band. She has two jobs in the band, depending on what season it is. During football season she is one of the flag girls, but then in concert band she is rocking out on that silver, shiny flute of hers. “Most people quit the band after Disney, but I am really happy that I stuck with it. I always have fun,” says Alicia.

Alicia seems to have a good outlook on everything and always looks at the bright things in life.

Twenty years seems like a long time away, but Alicia seems to have a thought of what she may want at that time. 

“I want to be married to a nice, loving man and to have two children, and I am hoping that I have at least two books published,” says eighteen year old Alicia with a smile on her face.

Her favorite memory by far was something funny to do with Mr. Dollive. She told me the whole story, and she said, “It started on mole day. Mr. Dollive or someone was blowing on fire and a spark hit his beard and his beard caught on fire! Good thing he brushed it off and that he ended up being okay!”

This girl is as awesome as a superhero. In fact, Alicia says, “If I could be any superhero, I would be Superman! It would be so cool to be him because then I could be able to fly!”

Alicia explains, "If I could change something it would be not being close with my dad’s family. I wish I would’ve begged my parents to see my grandmother before she passed away. We weren’t ever really close, and I wish that I was.”

Not only is Alicia in band, flag line, and a wonderful student at Lake High School, but she also helps people when they really need it! “One time I was babysitting and this little girl named Kiera, she was around two, and she was sucking on a sucker when I got there. I didn’t exactly know she had it in her mouth until later. She ended up choking on it! I had no idea what to do! It scared me so bad! I get chills just talking about it!” Luckily Alicia saved the day and helped little Kiera. Kiera’s parents were so happy to hear about the good news that they gave Alicia a bonus.

This year as a senior, Alicia decided to take Journalism class because as an adult she really wishes to be a writer.

“It’s a great introduction to writing. I plan on going to Kent State to major in Journalism and I feel like it will give me a good idea on what to expect next year.”

Alicia is just trying to enjoy the rest of her high school career here at Lake High School. She always gets her work done and says, “I can’t wait to move on and to see what all of my new and improved obstacles are as to being a college student and to see what the rest of my future is like being a writer.”


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