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November 23
Fair Weather Fans

    Behind high school sporting events, most would imagine a giant crowd of screaming fans in the student section. But is this always the case? If you have attended the tennis matches, the golf courses, or the bowling alley, then you would notice that the student section is anywhere from sparse to non-existent.
    So where is all the school spirit? Traveling through the hallways, there is evidence of spirit on every wall. With vibrant colors of red, white, and blue, it is easy to feel a sudden sense of pride in being a Lake Blue Streak. So with so much spirit plastered throughout the hallways of Lake High School, where is all the spirit in the student sections?
    Going directly to the source of the posters, the Lake High School Spirit Club, a member of the club explains why she joined. "A lot of my friends were in spirit club, so I decided to join. It's actually a lot of fun," says Rebecca Kowalski.
    One of the many perks of being a dedicated Spirit Club member is getting into every sporting event for free. But do they take advantage of such a perk?
    Mrs. Knoch, the director of the club states why she does not attend every sporting event. "I go to the football games and the varsity basketball, but other than that I don't attend any other sport. I have kids so I'm pretty busy attending their games."
    Rebecca Kowalski explains, "Mostly I only go to sporting events that my friends are competing in."
    Aside from the spirit club, a survey was conducted by the Lake Blue Print staff on the general attendence of students at Lake High School's sporting events. Out of a total of fifty random students interviewed, eleven of those students attend the basketball games. Every other sport scored in the single digits like the following sports: tennis, track, lacrosse, wrestling, bowling, swimming, and cheerleading.

studentsection.jpg    The only exception is football. Out of the fifty random students, thirty-six of those students attend the football games. The survey concluded that a majority of Lake High School students attend the football games but in sports such as tennis, track, lacrosse, wrestling, bowling, swimming, etc., they are lacking a student section.
    In some cases, out of the fifty students, some do not even attend any sporting event. But what does all of this even mean?
    Some students admitted they only like to attend sports that they understand. "Honestly, I go to the football games because all my friends go, but I have no idea what half of it means. I know what a touchdown is, but other than that I go because my friends go. Other sports like lacrosse or wrestling, I don't know if you cheer or clap or how to score. If I knew more about it, then I would go to the games," states an anonymous LHS student.
    It is never too late to get out there and experience the excitement of learning about a new sport. You do not have to be a sports fanatic to show some spirit. So listen up LHS and toss on your red, white, and blue attire. Get out there and shower some spirit on our Lake High School athletes. A little cheering can go a long way and help motivate our players to the win.


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