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October 31
Students from the Past
By: Andrea Reese 
      People graduate year after year. They then go off to college and get a degree in whatever they are striving to get. But, have you ever wondered if you have a teacher that graduated and then came back to teach? You would be shocked to see how many students that have graduated come back to the school they went to, to work.
       Some of the Lake High School’s greatest employees are working at their Alma Mater. They are Mrs. Duncan, the chemistry teacher. Mr. Six, the World Studies, Psychology, and Sociology teacher. Mrs. Hart, one of Lakes finest English teachers, and last but not least Mrs. Miller, the main office secretary.
       If you walk upstairs and look into room 513, you will see Mrs. Duncan.
       Mrs. Duncan really likes it here. She says, "It was my number one choice because having been a student, I knew how great Lake was. I figured that if I loved it as much as I did just being a student, I would love it even more being a teacher. It’s the students and staff that make the environment, not the building itself." 
Mrs. Duncan.jpg
There are always challenges that people face when getting a job. Usually they have more than one choice. In Mrs. Duncan’s case, she had a big interview with one of our rivals, Hoover High School. They were just about to hire her, but Lake was one step ahead of them.

 Mrs. Duncan has been teaching here for four years and loves every minute of it. "I absolutely love it. Every morning I wake up and I’m actually excited to go to work."

    Mr. Six graduated from Lake High School in the year 2003. His first year teaching here at Lake High School was last year in 2010-2011.

       At the beginning of the year, Mr. Six would always say that he didn’t want to be "that guy" to come back to teach. Some people may wonder what he means exactly by "that guy." Mr. Six says, "When one is in high school, the last things that usually goes through one’s head is how quickly they can get out. That was me. I wanted to be in college so badly because I knew that was the next step in life. Further, being a high school teacher was not even on the radar, so there was no reason to be that guy who came back. I wanted to leave Hartville and explore. I had wonderful opportunities in high school to see some world and I knew more laid beyond Lake." Mr. Six.jpg
       Now being "that guy", Mr. Six says, "Now I love being that guy. Like I said, coming back here was never on the radar. I wanted to explore the world a bit. After college and the years after, I was able to get some good self-searching, exploring completed. The next step was to find a career. After much thought, prayer and consideration, I chose to be a teacher. I had no idea where it would put me, but I’ve always, always, been proud to be a Blue Streak. The first opportunity I had was to come back here and put in my application. Boy, I made a great choice. As a young person, I never hit me how important family, community and familiar faces were to one’s soul. Lake had all of those and being that guy now is the biggest blessing yet (career wise)."

       When an adult is looking for work options, he or she has more than one major choice. Mr. Six says, "There is no doubt that the education job market is rough. I had a couple of great interviews at other great districts, but nothing panned out. If given the choice to choose, Lake would be it. I hit the educational lottery (as Mr. Tobin put it) and I believe that with every bone! I also have the unique opportunity to find employment in other fields, possibly making more money and having more unique opportunities. However, after working with kids over the summer and putting one year of teaching on my merit badge sash, I have to say, I truly love this career. Further, the true value of ones career becomes evident when a family is found. I adore my wife, my family and hers and being close to them is invaluable." 

       "It absolutely helped coming here as a student to get this job. Being a respectful, motivated and intelligent student gave me a foot in the door. I was not put on the discard pile because of my resume. I’ve always believed that no matter where you are and no matter who is your boss, do not burn bridges. Be the best you can be! It’s cheesy, but this time it worked! The administration knows me because they used to teach me! There was my foot in the door. The rest was up to me. I equipped myself with the best possible resume and I believe I have the positive, outgoing attitude to back it up."
       Mr. Six recently started working here. "I have a lot of work to do, but I think it went great! I am spoiled at Lake. The kids are, for the most part, excellent kids. I was worried about classroom management, but at Lake, I rarely have an issue. I am much more confident this year and I know what works and what doesn’t. It’s going to be another great year."
     Mr. Six says, "I think I hit on this enough. This is going to be one heck of an awesome ride. This career has already been so rewarding to me and what people do not know is that this career helped my family grow to be what it is today. I owe everything to this career and everyone who had a part in helping me get it!"
       Mr. Six is quite flattered with the job he has here at Lake High School.
       A couple doors down the hall from Mr. Six's room is Mrs. Hart's room.
       Mrs. Hart went to many different schools growing up, but in ninth and tenth grade, she attended Lake and just fell in love with the place.
       Mrs. Hart came back because she says, "I didn’t want to teach at a private school. I love the diversity and I love to be out of my comfort zone. This isn’t why I wanted to teach here but there also aren’t any benefits for a private school. Like there isn’t any retirement plans. It’s really different than everywhere I went to."


     Mrs. Hart looked at a bunch of schools before she stuck with Lake. She said, "I put in 46 different applications before I started to work here."
     She says, "I love working here. Two of my best friends work here too." Mrs. Hart also said that the caring for the kids here at Lake is fantastic.
     The last, but not least alumnae is Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Miller graduated in 1978.
       Every year things tend to change in the school.  Mrs. Miller said, "It has changed a ton. Back when I went here, girls always dressed up. They would've never worn a sweatshirt to school, and we used to have smoking areas."
       Mrs. Miller said, "It has changed very much. If we did something bad as students, we got paddled for it. Girls almost never got paddled, but I had this one friend and she got paddled. I heard it hurts very much so." Mrs. Miller.jpg
       "Mrs. Miller did different things before she started working as a secretary. "I worked at the Hartville Hardware for 25 years. I also used to volunteer at the Elementary school."
       Mrs. Miller finishes up with saying, "I do like it very much, but I was actually scared to come back. Back then, we had no privileges so I thought me being a secretary would be busy all the time, and I didn’t want that."
       Students from the past who come back to teach always like the environment and being a teacher, just ask around.


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