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October 03
The Girl with Many Talents

by Noelle Miller

Paige Ryan may look like a regular girl, but she is quite the surprise.


She has been interested in horses her whole life. When she was younger she went to horse camp and learned all about them.

She has three horses of her own; their names are Dan, Burt, and Maverick.

Along with horses Paige has two dogs, three cats, three birds, a hamster, and five fish.

During the summer, Paige landed a job at the Hartville Equestrian Center doing what she loves, taking care of horses. She says she might start teaching horse lessons there soon, because she knows all about horses.

In fifteen years Paige would like to be a successful dog and horse trainer, with a nice big house with a barn full of horses.

Paige loves watching movies. She says that Twenty Seven Dresses is her favorite movie, “She reminds me of myself,” Paige says about the main character. She can quote almost every
line of the movie.

Paige loves watching movies, she says that when she is watching a good movie or show on TV her eyes are glued to the screen. It is almost impossible for people to get her attention unless they scream at her.

Her favorite song at the moment, and she claims it always will be her favorite, is "False Pretense" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. “It gets me pumped up and makes me want to punch something. It gets my blood flowing.”

She says she loves a little bit of all kinds of music but listens to mostly mainstream music. She says she sings music all the time and has been told she is very good. She says she likes singing the songs from the movie Burlesque. She thinks it would be fun to try out for American Idol or The Voice.

Something that may be a surprise to learn is that Paige claims to have a dark side, one that is filled with rage and anger. She says it is almost like having two different personalities. To get this anger out she often goes on walks and punches her punching bag.

In her free time Paigesays she enjoys being with her friends and family, training her dogs, and spending time with her birds.

Paige said journalism sounded interesting. She enjoys voicing her opinion, and journalism seemed like the perfect place to do it.




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