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October 03
Corey the Wolf


by Noelle Miller

Corey turned, wearing a bright red Coca Cola shirt, he was not afraid to talk all about himself.

Born in Panama City Florida, Corey ended up in Hartville, Ohio.

During the summer Corey went camping at Bass Island, and he swam in Lake Erie. He says that is something he does not want to do again.

On a missions trip to Lotts Creek Kentucky this past summer, he painted bathroom stalls and moved things around, but he was surprised that there was no blue grass where he was.

While he was at summer camp, he said he found a giant spider and made it battle against a smaller spider, but surprisingly the smaller spider came out on top.

He is compared to Clint Eastwood from The Good the Bad and the Ugly occasionally. Others compare him to Aron Ralston from 127 Hours.

In the school play last year Corey was cast as the pizza man, and now coincidentally he got hired at Papa John’s after sending in an application. However, he does not want this job forever.

In ten years he says would like to be in the F.B.I, a detective or an Egyptologist. He has been interested in Egypt since he was in the first grade.

He knows how to play multiple instruments, some of them being the guitar and electric drums. He even writes his own music.

The Gorillaz is one of the bands he likes, as well as old rock like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Metallica.


While talking about the Gorillaz, he said they had recorded their latest album using a number of apps on the IPad as well as their voices.

He enjoys writing long stories that have taken up multiple notebooks.

“If I could be any animal I would be a wolf.”

Corey says that his favorite animal is a wolf, and he is against them being hunted.

He has an award for stopping a car from hitting multiple people. Its owner had left it in reverse in his driveway, and it started to roll backwards towards some people. He tried to warn them that the car was coming but, no one could hear him so he jumped into the car and stopped it before it hit everyone. To some he is considered a local hero



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