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January 16
Expand Your Learning with a Career Tech Program!

Expand Your Learning with a Career Tech Program!
By: Avery Graber
            Upon starting their high school experience, students are required to take various English, math, history, and science classes to be eligible to graduate. Although those classes benefit them heavily for college, many students are looking for classes that appeal more to personal interests.
            Lake High School, along with other schools in Stark County, provides Career Tech Programs that students can get involved in starting their junior year of high school. There is a wide variety of programs, such as those revolving around teaching, marketing, cosmetology, culinary, photography, nursing, legal studies, and many more!
Katie Kauffman, current senior at LHS explains, “I am taking Early Childhood Education at GlenOak High School and I absolutely love it! I have learned a lot being in this program. I will be getting a certificate when I graduate and some credits that can go towards college next year. This year I am student teaching at Hartville Elementary School.”
The whole point of providing this opportunity for students is so they have more classes they are interested in and a better opportunity to prepare themselves for what college life will be like for them in the future.
Mrs. Marshall, counselor at Lake explains, “It allows you to learn about careers while you are in high school so you will know what you want to major in when you go to college.  You get real world experiences through volunteer hours, job shadowing and working in a career field that you enjoy. You learn about many careers within the program field that you take. And you find out what is involved in pursuing the career of choice.”
It puts the students in a different environment, and it gives them a chance to work with kids and teachers from other schools as well. Some of the classes provide college credits others can help with scholarships.
“You can also earn up to twelve hours of college credits in many of the programs it is a great way to save time and money so that you don’t have to switch majors in college many of the programs have the opportunity to have field trips and guest speakers,” explains Mrs. Marshall.
Ashley Holcomb, another senior at Lake High School said, “I love going to Jackson High School for my nursing program. I got to meet so many new people, and the class is showing me exactly what I plan on doing after high school. On some days of the week I get to go and shadow and I get to work hands-on with the nurses. “health2.png

It’s very important that students get to work hands-on because it really gives them a feel for what they are doing, instead of just writing things down out of books and learning in a classroom.
Caleb Landis, senior at LHS says, “I started attending Hoover High School for a culinary class. I get to learn a lot about cooking and how to prepare food the right way. I will not be getting any certificates or credits for my class, but it will help me get good scholarships because I took this class.”
Although the normal classes are required to graduate, it’s a huge benefit for students to take a career tech program if they really want to do something they are very interested in. There are a few requirements a student will need when applying to be in a career tech program.
Mrs. Marshall explains, “It is helpful to have your required classes done such as Physical Education and health so that you have room in your schedule to take a career program.  Also, teachers look at grades, attendance and recommendations when accepting students.”
Applying to be in a program is very easy. Towards the middle of sophomore year students will be introduced to the opportunity when they are scheduling for their junior year classes. There will be multiple presentations and speakers who come and talk to sophomores and present what is available for them to choose from and how exactly their specific program operates.
Lake students and other students from schools in Stark County are very privileged to have this opportunity available to them. So branch out of the comfort of your own school, and class setting, and consider a career program.



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