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January 16
Are you brave enough to take a drive down Pontius road?

By: Andrea Reese​

          There’s something mysterious that lives on Pontius Road in Hartville, OH, just a few miles down the road from Lake High School. This creature stalks the tall grass, flies through the dark, cloudy sky, and it scares anybody that comes near it. This creature is called the Mothman and the Mothman is known to make an appearance at any time.
           Joey Budd is a former student from Lake, and he has been to Pontius road to see if he could get a closer look at this beast.joey.jpg
          Many students say Mothman is a big, flying monster. Others say it’s just a glare in a little video on YouTube.
          Evan Gannon says, "I think he’s a crazy guy who thinks he’s a moth, or a ghost."
          Joey Budd says,  "There have always been stories about Mothman around Hartville and Uniontown, Ohio. The stories have been going on since before I was born. The stories about Mothman got started because whenever anybody would be driving down Pontius, they would say they saw something fly by, or people would say that they get a weird feeling when they are close or just by driving down the road."
          Dom Gazdacko says, "I heard about Mothman from one of my friends at school, and then found out it was really close to my house." dom.jpg
          Although Joey Budd goes on weekly visits to see if he can be one of the people who can say he has seen Mothman, he still has never seen it. He says that he will never give up. Joey says, “Almost everybody who lives on Pontius has their own story. Some even say it’s a horse that runs around but it’s hard to know for sure."
          "Like I said before, I haven't had a for sure Mothman sighting, but as I was coming up to one of the hills I saw something fly from one tree to another. I barley caught it in my vision but it looked weird. Maybe something with wings, but I didn't know for sure so I drove back and forth a few times and I didn't find anything after that," Joey says.
          "I know a few months ago Dillon Miller, also a Lake High School graduate, swears he saw something flying around by his car, “says Joey.
          David Conti says that he lives on Pontius and he believes that there is a Mothman out there. One morning he woke up and there was a huge dent on his car. He knew it had to be something suspicious.
          Most of the sightings have been in West Virginia, but Pontius has also had some sightings.
          Dom says, “In research I found many people have seen Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Also, a friend of mine said he saw it off of Market.”
          Joey Budd states, "Between day and night for people seeing Mothman, it is definite that most people see it at night. Mothman is like a ninja."
          "It's been known to be dangerous, but on Pontius it’s more mysterious. Though there have been reports of him attacking cars but I don't know the full details on those stories," former student Budd says.
          Stories say Mothman is between 9-12 feet tall and has gigantic wings. Its eyes are as red as blood. They shine like a star under the moonlight.
          Gazdacko says, "Mothman looks like a large winged creature, almost resembling a pterodactyl.”
          Some people’s eyes could be playing tricks on them, but there is for sure something very strange living on Pontius road.







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