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January 16
They've Got Spirit, Yes They Do!

​They’ve got spirit yes they do!
By: Avery Graber

They’ve got spirit, yes they do, they yell and scream at games, but what else do they do? To many people, cheerleading may seem like a piece of cake. Spend a week in their shoes, and you will see all the hard work, and spirit it really takes to be a cheerleader.

Football and basketball in Hartville is a big deal, our community gets together every Friday night to support our Lake Blue Streaks. In order to stay pumped during the game, you must have some kind of motivation to keep your adrenaline rushing while watching the football or basketball players play. The cheerleaders have done a very good job in doing so. Cheerleading can be looked at as a full time job. The girls practice at least three times a week over the summer, and continue into the school year in August.

“ I have been cheering for 9 years now, and I feel like I have never had a break from it, its not a bad thing at all though! The most we probably have off is two weeks, and were back to practicing and working hard,” explained Sami Golias, senior cheerleader.

There is only about a week between football and basketball, and the cheerleaders are back to practicing for the winter sport to start. There are cheers to, “chants,” as they call them for almost every play in the game. It takes a lot of attention in the game to know what cheer to do at the correct time.

“ We take a lot of time to prepare for the football and basketball games! We have practice all summer, and practice during the week, and before every game as well. You have to be really dedicated in the game to be a cheerleader, it takes a lot of heart and spirit as well!” Explained Alexa Chack, another senior cheerleader at Lake High School.

Not only do the cheerleaders cheer at the games on Friday nights, they also take time out of every Thursday after school to decorate the boys locker room with signs, streamers, and candy. For homecoming during football season, and winter formal for basketball season, each girl is assigned a player on the team to individually decorate their locker.
katie k.jpg
“We take so much time and effort to decorate the boys lockers. They get personalized signs, candy, Gatorade, balloons, streamers, cookies, and many other decorations for their lockers, all paid for by us cheerleaders ourselves. And if you are a senior football player you get the special treatment. All of the senior girls pick a senior guy and decorate their front door at their house to show off some school spirit, and their appreciation for all they have done during the season.” explained Sami Golias.

They may be loud, annoying, and pointless to some people, but the cheerleaders really do put some hard work, and time into everything they do for the football and basketball teams!


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