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January 16
Welcome to The Life of a Lake High School Teacher

Welcome to the Life of a Lake High School Teacher
By Paige Ryan
Mr. Friedline is an English teacher at Lake High School.
 He enjoys his job, but when he is not teaching, one of his hobbies is reading. Although, not many English teachers would say, “I only read Shakespeare when I have to.” His favorite book is The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
“Hawthorne can appeal to men and women.” is Friedline’s opinion.
Besides reading, another hobby of his is watching movies.
“My favorite movie is Gremlins.” he states.
Furthermore, he does not play any sports. He played some sports when he was younger, but what replaced that was doing work around his house.
His last activity, which is one of the things you will never guess about him, is he played drums in the fourth grade, and now he plays guitar in a ‘U2’ tribute band.
Equally important to hobbies, is his family. He is married, but they do not have any children. This does not keep him from eating fun and messy food though. If he could eat one thing, all the time, it would be taco salad, his favorite food.
 Naturally, he has pets. There are two cats; Isis, and Ivy, and one dog; Bindi. If he had to choose between the two he would pick dogs over cats.
“They puke all over everything, and they smell.” is the reason why he dislikes cats.
I am sure he eats this while watching his favorite sports teams. Being a teacher at Lake, he is luckily a total, one hundred percent blue streaks fan.
Besides general things, he exposes some more personal feelings to us readers. If Mr. Friedline was given three wishes he would wish for some quite interesting things.
“I would wish I never felt tired again; I would wish I could eat whatever I want and not have to worry about my health; and I would wish I had one day without any responsibilities.”
I am sure a lot of people would wish for something along the lines of Mr. Friedline’s wishes.
Besides what a person would wish for, a person’s first job can say quite a bit about who they are. Mr. Friedline was a flower delivery boy.
“I was not very good at it.” he admits. He did not like it very much either. However, he still did it to the best of his ability.
Your past is a very important thing, and there is sometimes a day from your past that you loved so much you wish you could rewind and do it all over again. When it comes to Mr. Friedline he would not relive a day because it was magical or unforgettable. He would choose a day when he had nothing on his calendar like July 11, 2011 for example.
 “I like days when I can enjoy what I have.” This is a very good quote. It is even better that it comes from a good person like Mr. Friedline.


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