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January 16
A Cult or a Family?
    Imagine for a moment a group of people gathered in a circle. From head to toe a deep black cloak covers them. Their identities are concealed beneath the hood and only the soft murmurs of their chants can be heard. Before them stands a cross. They are known as a cult. 
    Okay, so maybe that's not what you picture when you think of the Lake Band. Minus the rituals and creepy black cloak, you may be picturing red, white, and blue uniforms with pinstripes up the legs. Possibly even a big hat with a fluffy plume? If you picture the Lake Band as a cult, then you may have been hearing the circulating rumors and gossip as the stereotype is becoming more widely used.
    However, does the Lake Band meet the definition of a cult?
    310884_292295067449474_100000069506734_1256311_2089871907_n.jpgThe definition of a cult is a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies. That does not exactly sound like the Lake Band...
    For the Lake Band, they do not define themselves as a cult, but rather as a family. So how did they gain the title of a cult and why is this becoming a stereotype for the band?
    Haley Anderson, a senior at Lake High School describes an instance that led her to describing the band as a cult. "It's not that the band is a cult in a religious way, it's the way they always stick together. I have friends in the band and when I talk to one of them and another band member comes along, they start talking about things in band. Since I'm not in band I have no idea what they're talking about and they usually ignore me. They stay together and it really does seem like a family. Just walking down the halls you can point them out because they stay clustered together."
    Several other students defined the band as a cult for the same reason; that they always stay together like a cult would. But why would sticking together and looking out for each other be a bad thing?
    Throughout the school, other groups can be seen clustered together: the swim team, the cheerleaders, the soccer team, and the football team. However, why is it that these sports are not labeled as a cult?
    Other clubs and sports can always be seen together, along with having their own language. And yet they are not considered a cult like the Lake Band.
    Haley Anderson believes it could have a lot to do with jealousy; to see a strong bond with a big group of people in a large organization, possibly stronger than any other group. "You see it, and you can't help but want it. Looking back, I wish I had joined band."
    Zach Swindell, a member of the Lake Band, disagrees with being called a cult. "We are not a cult, we're a family. If you think about it we have been together since fifth grade -most of us- so it's hard not to grow attached to each other. We are all really close friends, but that doesn't make us a cult."
    "People pick on us, because they don't know what goes on in the band room or out on the practice field. We are all good friends because we see each other all the time. Through the years we become close, just because we become close though in no way makes us a cult. I guess you have to experience band life to understand what it's like to be a part of the band family."


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