Lake Local Schools
School Nursing Services
Therese Gilbert
RN, BSN, School Nurse Coordinator
 “Healthy Children Are Better Learners.”  OASN
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Annual Screenings for:              Screenings by request for:
     * Vision                                         * Height/Weight/BMI
     * Hearing                                      Dental
     * Scoliosis                                    * Blood Pressure
     * To supplement the efforts of parents and health care providers in maintaining and promoting the optimum wellness of students.
     * Data is collected, evaluated, and referrals are made as needed.
     * Follow-up is important to ensure that every student reaches their health potential.
     * The school nurse is available to help parents access the health care system as needed.
     These services include:
          Staff In-services.
          Provide information for teachers as requested.
          Assist classroom health instruction upon request.
The school nurse coordinator is the liaison regarding health matters between the student, their family, school personnel, community health agencies and the
student’s health care providers.
The school nurse is available for 1:1 counseling regarding health related issues concerning students.
The Nurse Coordinator:
     * Provides first aid as needed.
     * Is concerned with control of communicable disease in the school.
     * Contacts parents as needed for follow-up of certain illnesses and injuries.
     * Contacts parents of students with chronic or acute health concerns to discuss the schools role in each student’s care.
     * Develops Individualized Health Care Plans as needed.
     * Coordinates and administers medications at school to those students who provide proper permission forms signed by their parent/guardian
               and licensed prescriber.
     * Coordinates each building’s clinic with the support of health aides and support staff.
     * Serves as a member of MFE/IEP/IAT Teams when medical/health considerations are involved.
sneezing girl.jpgChildren should remain home if:
     * They have a red, raised, itchy rash that has not been
     * They have a temperature of 100 or greater or have not been fever free for 24 hours.
     * They have extremely red, matted eyes (possible pinkeye) not yet treated.
     * They are coughing or sneezing profusely, or vomiting.
     * They have live head lice.
Contact Mrs. Gilbert at:
Phone:  330-877-4762
"Good attendance in school is important to academic success…school nurses
support healthy learners and student success."