The U.S. department of energy encourages school districts to develop an effective energy awareness program in order to reduce consumption.
Lake Local has completed the EVALUATION & IDENTIFICATION process .
* Analyzed and identified the (ECO) energy conservation opportunities related to the people's side of energy conservation.
* We developed an action plan and are working on implementing the identified ECO.
*Some ECO are simple to implement such as installing electric "motion censors" to control the lights when our facilities are not in use.
* Other ECO are more involved and and will take more time & effort to implement.
* Included in this plan will be the ENERGY SAVINGS PATROL (ESP) top ten actions.
* The top ten actions identify 10 specific ways that our students can have an impact on the amount of energy consumed on campus.
We will be conducting on site and web based video training for our staff.
The EIG  professional development program will be instructing users how to economically reduce energy consumption over time.
We are developing a facilities energy conservation committee (FECC) .
The FECC will be encouraged and empowered by our school leadership to pursue all energy conservation opportunities.
We will support FECC with training & mentoring, and leveraging other successful school programs.
The guidelines will set the direction, performance objectives, and outline a process to manage the program over time.
Energy news monthly will communicate building performance.
Virtual tours this type of communication gives feedback to the students and staff, on the impact of the program, which encourages "on going effort".
Energy dashboard which will provide students and staff with historical performance of their building.
We have taken a grass roots approach  to behavior modification by involving the students.
Energy savings patrol is a fun program that encourages student and staff involvement in lowering energy consumtion through the use of watt meters,light meters,IR thermometers,self adhesive notes, and posters.
School competition we encourage students to participate in "how low can we go" to decrese electicity & gas / fuel use in their buildings.The winner is determined by the greatest % decrease i use,compared to the baseline week prior to the competition.
Educational programs ,w ehave selected a few practical yet influential programs that target energy conservation as it relates to to our behaviors.
We will  be working with the curriculum director to ensure that the energy conservation programs meet the education goals of the Lake Local; School District and ohio's educational requirements.
1) Reduce annual energy by 5 to 10 %.
2) Community engagement . Lake's education reaches beyond our school walls and into our homes & community.
3) Stewardship of our environment. These small steps by Lake local will help to secure a cleaner more energy efficient future for the benefit of all generations to come.
Thank you.
Chris Eliopoulos                           
Director of Operations
Lake Local Schools