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 Login Instructions


PIV (Pinnacle Internet Viewer)

  • Click on “Parents” or you can use the Quick Links
  • Click on “Pinnacle Internet Viewer”
  • Username: Student ID  (ex: 123456789)
  • Password: 1st letter of first name; 1st three letters of last name; birthdate;
    • (ex: John Smith, dob January 20, 1990 would be: jsmi012090)


  • Click on “Parents” or you can use the Quick Links
  • Click on “EClassroom”
  • Username: last 2 digits of graduation year; last name; first name; (ex: 15smithjohn)
  • Password: last 4 digits of student ID (ex: 6789)

If you are trying to get online at home for EClassrooms, you may need to add “AD\” before the username. (ex: AD\15smithjohn). Please be sure to use the back-slash character, not the forward slash.





 Report Student Login Issues

Student Username:
Operating System:
i.e. Windows XP or Windows 7
Browser Used:
i.e. Internet Explorer or Firefox
Browser Version:
A number, generally can be found by going to help -> about
Contact information is necessary for follow up. Please provide contact information in order for us to act on this request.
Contact e-mail:
Contact Phone:
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