(for FREE NFHS courses)
  1. Go to the NFHS website:
  2. If you are a first-time user, you will need to register.  Go to the upper right hand corner and click on “New User? Register” link.
  3. Complete the New User Registration.  Note: You WILL NOT be solicited with spam or other useless information.  This process is strictly for registering legitimate participants in the course(s) offered by the NFHS.
  4. For “Your Position”, scroll down and click on “PARENT”.
  5. Under “Your Sport”, click on “—NONE—“  and then click the “move to right radio button”.
  6.  Click on “Submit Registration” when completed.
After you have registered, you will then be taken to the home screen of NFHS Learn.  Find the link that reads “GREAT FREE COURSES” and then click on “The Role of the Parent in Sports”.
When you are on “The Role of the Parent in Sports” link, click on the “Order Now” button. 
On the next page, click on the “I am ordering a course for myself” radio button.  Then, click “CONTINUE”.
On the “Items in Cart” page, click on “OHIO” as your state and then click “Save”.
Proceed to “CHECKOUT”.  On the next page, click on “Complete Purchase”.  NOTE:  You will not be asked to submit any payment and you will not be charged anything.
You will then see a process form.  To access the free course, click on “here”.  On the next page, under “My Available Courses”, you will see “The Role of the Parent in Sports”.  Click on “Begin” to start the course.
Additional notes:
  1. You may start, pause and stop the course as many times as you wish.  Whenever you return to the course, it picks right back up where you last left.
  2. The course will take a total of about 20-25 minutes to complete.
  3. There are valuable resources listed under the “Resource” tab in the course.  Feel free to visit the Resources and download items of interest for yourself.
  4. Upon the completion of the course, you will be able to print off a Certificate of Completion.  Print one copy for your files.
To pick up your FREE Lake athletic passes:
  1. Bring your Certificate of Completion (listing YOUR name) to the Lake HS athletic office during regular office hours.
  2.  You will be presented an embossed coupon that can be redeemed for either two (2) reserved Football or Boys Basketball seats for the 2011-2012 school year, OR four (4) general admission tickets at a future Lake home athletic contest.
  3. Coupon must be presented IN ADVANCE of the event to the Lake athletic office the WEEK OF THE SELECTED contest.  No coupons may be used at the event gate or for OHSAA events.